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How long does thc stay in the system?

I'm on the football team and they made us sign a paper that says they have the right to drug test us if they think we are using drugs. I smoked weed like, a week ago and I want to know how long it typically takes for the thc to completely leave the system.I'm not a frequent smoker at all, if that matters. I've done it probably like 4 it 5 times all summer. Practice starts Monday, so I don't know if i'll be good by then if they decide to test us.

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    There are numerous ways to pass a drug test, some work better than others. I have had to take a test with little notice after I applied for a job one time and, being a heavy user of marijuana, this naturally freaked me out. After researching I found that urine tests can pick up on weed for up to four to six weeks|a month to a month and a half}. I figured I was bound to fail right until I explored ways to help pass the test, which I'll reveal to you. A few of these actually clean your system of marijuana, while the others 'trick' the test into showing that you have no Weed in your body...

    1) Drink tons of water

    Drinking a great deal of water prior to the test flushes your system very fast, although temporarily. You'll see when you drink loads of water that your pee comes out clear, meaning it is largely devoid of toxins from your system, mainly the Weed you just smoked. This is sometimes a incredibly effective method, but occasionally the test giver can determine that you've chugged lots of water in a short amount of time and they'll assume you are trying to fool the test, in which case they will request you to take it again on a later date or simply give you an automatic fail. If you wish to use a less risky method, you could try...

    2) Fake pee

    There are companies that provide synthetic urine that's really similar in chemical composition to real human pee. You tie it against your body, ideally the pelvic region, a couple hours before the test so that the pee can warm up to your body temp (testers that determine that a urine sample is too cold to have come from your own body definitely will instantly fail you). This is a good as well as simple method to pass a test, however it is not going to work if the tester is looking at you deliver the sample (which some places do)...they are going to discover you're using synthetic urine immediately. Additionally, the pouch can display an evident bulge that can give you away to a tester, or even accidentaly break open before the test. For a much more guaranteed way, try the next approach...

    3) Detox kit

    There are many kits available for purchase that can purge Weed from your body very quickly. They include tablets or sometimes a drink that you ingest which eliminates the toxins from your system so your test results come up clean. You won't have to be worried about chugging liters of water or walking around with a bag of pee strapped to you, just take whats inside the kit and you're done. This is actually the method I used and it cleaned out my body in just a matter of days and I was able to pass the test. There are a few kits that work in as soon as one day and ones that may require one week to fully detoxify your system, so they are great for those who are surprised with a test in 1 day and for people that know days in advance when they will be testing. Personally, I used the Stinger 5X 7 Day Permanent Detox and it provided great results. It's a beverage that all you have to do is drink and it detoxifies your system without any bad side effects. It even had drug tests I was able to take at home so that I could make sure I was clean well before I went to take the actual test. If you wish to research it or use it yourself I'll provide you the link below.

    I hope these tips help you to pass your test. Personally, I think the tests are unfair because marijuana is a pretty safe drug, however some people do not agree and unfortunately we need to pass these tests to have a job. Good luck!

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    Well THC sticks to body fat and isnt water soluable so if youre skinny then youll probably be fine

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