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Help with longboard trucks wheels and risers! THANKS?

So I am buying an earthwing superglider... Im thinking of putting on 215mm Independent Stage 10 Longboard Skateboard Truck and 72.5mm Orangatang Balut Freeride Longboard Wheels purple. And I do not know what risers to get... If you could please tell me if these are good and what risers to get I would be overjoyed. I am mostly a beginner and will be CRUISING carving minor downhilling and learning how to slide... Is this all good? thanks so much


I also am wondering if I should switch it out for the supermodel instead of the glider thanks so much if you could answer

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    Since your just beginning I wouldn't suggest you get orangatang wheels since there are other wheels out there for much cheaper you could get, Like Danos from Daddies board shop. I've heard lots of good stuff about them sliding well but i think they might flat spot easy and that makes an annoying noise and vibrates you're board as you ride. For cruising I like the biggest wheels i can get my hands on because the bigger the faster but this may also result in speed wobbles so i think you're in the right size range you should buy around high 60s low 70s for size and for hardness you should go for a harder wheel to learn how to slide maybe even skateboard wheels the harder the wheel the easier it is to slide and skateboard wheels are very hard i would also suggest sector nine butter balls because they are notoriously slippery and easy to slide thus the name "butterballs" also great for just cruising around too or abec 11s just cuz thats what i like to ride. my best advice for wheels is dont worry about brand names.

    i also would never ever put indies on my longboard idk its just my personal preference i had gulwings on my board when beginning because they were cheap and they actually good but i would sugest these


    i also heard randles are good too but i have no history with them

    if your going to do a lot of carving and like to turn on a dime gullwing sidewinders are exactly what you need ive they turn smooth and clean and easier than most carving trucks but if you are mostly a straight ride and a little downhill don't get them

    this is a wheel and riser combo witch maybe you should look into for the price even if you don't want the wheels you could get them and store them away for when you need them. http://www.skatewarehouse.com/Speed_Demon_Cruiser_...

    but any risers will do whatever you get will work there is no "better" or "best" risers they are all generally the same except for price witch in most case is the same too just get the cheapest

    in your pursuit of parts i would check out your local skate shops/skate spots ask the workers and skaters for there opinion as well as mine and don't be afraid to buy used just don't buy trashed parts and keep in mind its used don't pay retail

    i would chose the supermodel but don't get the double drop because that would just be to low to the ground and you have to buy special riser pads for it so if you get the supermodel get the the dropdown version

    all in all everything ive suggested would be great for cruising, craving, and downhill.

    you didnt ask about bearings but just so you have a better understanding you should watch these videos


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    go to some websites like these and read the comments on the products







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