Moniter connecting HELP?!?

I'm planning on building my own computer and the problem i have right now is that i wouldnt know how to connect my motherboard to my moniter. The only thing i see on my motherboard is someting called a serial/COM port and my moniter(which i already have) has a vga and a dvi port. i have no idea what any idea of these mean... i dont even know if a serial/COM will give me any video!

my moniter:

my motherboard:

I dont know how to connect them together. If you can find me a new motherboard, please make it AMD and compatible with Phenom II x4 965 BE. THANKS FOR YOUR HELLLLP!!!


broken link above and new links:

motherboard -

moniter -

if the moniter doesnt show up its product name is HP w1907

and im getting a radeon 6850

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  • Teoma
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Those links don't work. - probably Yahoo breaking them as it usually likes too

    Google the motherboard model number and find the manufacturers website, then look for a CPU support list there. make sure it supports AM3 socket CPUs.

    The 6850 should come with a DVI/VGA adapter, monitors usually come with VGA cables, you can get an additional DVI cable but it's not required. You'll be sorted when you get the 6850 plugged into the motherboard.

    Motherboard > Graphics Card > Monitor

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