Moniter connecting HELP?!?

I'm planning on building my own computer and the problem i have right now is that i wouldnt know how to connect my motherboard to my moniter. The only thing i see on my motherboard is someting called a serial/COM port and my moniter(which i already have) has a vga and a dvi port. i have no idea what any idea of these mean... i dont even know if a serial/COM will give me any video!

my moniter:

my motherboard:

I dont know how to connect them together. If you can find me a new motherboard, please make it AMD and compatible with Phenom II x4 965 BE. THANKS FOR YOUR HELLLLP!!!


broken link above and new links:

motherboard -

moniter -

if the moniter doesnt show up its product name is HP w1907

Update 2:

and im getting a radeon 6850

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    You connect your motherboard to you monitor with a VGA or DVI cable.

    There may be a blue or whit port w/ pins for this on the motherboard, but you will most likely need a GPU:

    Such as:

    Only the newer ivybridge chips would have the GPU built-in

    btw, your newegg links don't work

  • 9 years ago

    No doubt, you're about to be spammed with comments which state you should've read up on what you were doing before starting. . . Don't listen to them. Expirimentation is natural. It's human nature and how we learn. As for your monitor, it goes in the vga port. VGA is a video port where serial/com is for communications between electronic devices.

    I have a feeling I'm being trolled but if not.

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