Moniter connecting HELP?!?

I'm planning on building my own computer and the problem i have right now is that i wouldnt know how to connect my motherboard to my moniter. The only thing i see on my motherboard is someting called a serial/COM port and my moniter(which i already have) has a vga and a dvi port. i have no idea what any idea of these mean... i dont even know if a serial/COM will give me any video!

my moniter:

my motherboard:

I dont know how to connect them together. If you can find me a new motherboard, please make it AMD and compatible with Phenom II x4 965 BE. THANKS FOR YOUR HELLLLP!!!

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    Listen u need to connect your monitor with the motherboard through the cable u received with the monitor. Look at your monitor ports. One is VGA(blue color) and another is DVI(somewhat whitish color). Now look at the mother board and find the similar Vga(Blue) / Dvi port (whitish) ports. They will look exactly like the ports on your monitor. Then connect them with the cable u got.

    DVI with DVI or

    VGA with VGA

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