What can you do with scary music playing in your head?

So I can easily get scared by things, and I read another question about someone being very scared from the lavender town theme (Pokemon), I was robbed from sleep for a while too lol, so if you have disturbing, scary, unnerving, ect. Pictures or music in your head what do you do? I just deal with it until the memory fades away after months, but I, unfortunately, love scary stories and such, but at the same time I'm a TOTAL scaredy cat, so if I ever run into such a problem, which I'm sure I will, what's the best thing to do? I know I use a lot of commas :)

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    8 years ago
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    I used to get really scared of basically anything, from creepy music to cartoons. Anyway, some of this could help get it out of your head:

    - try thinking of other really super catchy songs

    - going out, even to the grocery store or with some friends to get it out of your mind

    - stop watching creepy stuff for a while (trust me, it helps)

    I hope this helps :D

    Source(s): Personal experience
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  • 3 years ago

    you will could overlook approximately it, and quit allowing your self to panic. The greater you freak & attempt to rigidity it, the louder and greater consistent the noise performs. enable your recommendations to ask your self to a diverse theory, overlook the track and finally you will glide to something new. The track will come back, as a results of fact its a contemporary theory - stay calm and it will pass. Your no longer dropping your recommendations

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