Baby name help and opinions?

For girls I like - bria addison- harbor dawson-mckenzie claire-scarlett elaine-violet vail- and briar rose (yes from sleeping beauty) lol for boys I like - lowen vaughn- holden brennan- jaxton john- and (I know this is weird , but for some reason I love it - Huntington calloway- any suggestions , opinions? :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bria Addison sounds pretty. Mckenzie Claire flows really good and is pretty. Scarlett Elaine is a lovely name.

    Holden Brennan is a strong name to me, serious,but not stiff uptight serious. Huntington Calloway is a great name, but a little long. But as long as you didn't his full name all the time(shortened it to Hunt or something like that) it would be good.

  • 8 years ago

    bria addison - 3/10 - Bria is alright, but Addison is not.

    harbor dawson - 1/10 - Harbor looks like harbour, which is a place where boats go. Dawson is a surname.

    mckenzie claire - 2/10 I despise Mckenzie. It souns tacky. Claire however is beautiful.

    scarlett elaine - 6/10 - I've never been keen on Scarlett, but both names are nice and flow.

    violet vail - 5/10 - Is Vail even a name? I don't like the two V's.

    briar rose - 5/10 - Rose is becoming ever more popular as a middle name. It is fairly short.

    lowen vaughn - 0/10 - Both names are terrible and sound like surnames.

    holden brennan - "See above"

    jaxton john - 1/10 - John is old but got the 1. Is Jaxton a "yuneek" Jackson? It's horrible.

    Huntington calloway- "See first and second"

    I don't like your name choices. They sound very American and silly. No offence, but this is just my opinion. Why not something more unique but not wavering on idiotic, like these? :













  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Out of those my favorites are Bria Addison and Holden Brennan. Unique, but not "out there". Actually, I like Violet Vail the best, but Violet's getting very popular these days, so she may find herself one of several Violets in her class.

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