Alcohol and Drug Free Party?

I'm going to be a sophomore at a very prestigious high school this year. (By prestigious I mean geeky. It is very hard to get into and rated 16th in the nation.) My friend and I were thinking about having a Halloween party and inviting a ton of people from our grade, but we're not interested in drugs or alcohol. I guess if other people brought some I wouldn't really care as much. My parents will probably be present.

However there will be popular music, snacks, soda, guitar hero, (twister?), and strobe lights.

It will probably be a costume party which means all the girls will dress inappropriately and that's fine.

So is this a lame idea? Remember all these people are kind of geeky.

What can we do to entertain everybody?

P.S. I'm a girl who isn't named Tom. The reason it says Tom for my name is because I'm using my Family account under my dads name rather than my personal Gmail account. I'm not supposed to give out my name on the internet but it starts with a C and it's french.... And it's very much a girls name.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hey Camille, I'm a year older than you and have had the same problem when I was younger. What you have to do is stress that no one brings drugs. Alcohol is it's own problem but drugs can be ingested so fast it's really dangerous. Other than that then the most important thing is just to invite people you like or might like. People like you will have fun with the things you organize, it makes sense. Twister is fine but not many people can play at a time. It would be best for when only a couple people are there or something. Make sure to put in some kid cudi, everyone loves that dude. But yeah, thats it have fun

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    good alcohol makes any measurement social gathering greater haha however so long as you might have hearth and a few meals youll be all well. we used to try this alot at my peers-mom and dad have been strict and we simply made a fireplace obtained a few sodas ordered pizza hotdogs and stuff and performed a few track. we introduced a guitar out too. so long as you dont have top strung individuals youll be quality.

  • u could play games like monoply or risk fun game to some u could play soda pong beer pong for 20 and younger or just dance or karoke

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  • 8 years ago

    BORING!!!!!!!!!!jk go for it

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