What city/state is best to live in? Louisville, Kentucky Raleigh, North Carolina Or Charlotte, NC?

My family and I are moving, and we would like to know which one of those places comes closest to fitting this criteria.

-Good schools (Most important one)

-Good weather (We currently live in Texas so 70-90 degrees in the summer is cool to us, also, NO HURRICANES, VOLCANOES, OR EARTHQUAKES)

-Low sales tax

-Plenty of malls and stores

-Laid back friendly people

I appreciate all of your answers.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I can only really comment on Charlotte, NC.

    The weather is good....it get hot in summers and not too cold in winters (anywhere between 45 and 60, really).

    The sales tax is 9.25... so its not the lowest, but it's not the highest either!

    Yes, there is definetly plenty of malls around Charlotte.

    I found the people to be very friendly and welcoming. There is a huge mix of people... many from New York. There is also alot of headquarters in Charlotte, so you'll find a good mix of business men and country folk. It's wonderful!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    How insulting! North Carolina has a number of the perfect suited universities interior the country, so i might guess most of the individuals there ought to envision and write (fairly interior the Charlotte/Raleigh section). they have not got plenty complication with hurricanes in Charlotte and Raleigh and we do have all 4 seasons. there is a lot to do in those larger cities, besides as mountains and ocean interior of attain. there is a lot of countless way of existence interior the better cities, as human beings come there to pass to college and stay whilst they graduate. i've got by no potential been to Seattle so i'm unlikely to assert plenty approximately it, yet I incredibly have lived in Raleigh and it became mind-blowing.

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