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Apply to be a Flight Attendat for Southwest or Delta?

I'm seriously considering being a flight attendant. I work with customers now as it is and I do love it and I really want to travel the world! I hate doing the same mundane thing day after day. Yes I understand to an extent this will be the same but you will be in different places meeting new people! So my question whats better Delta or Southwest? I do want to do international flights as well and I'm not sure Southwest does international flights. Any way if any one has tips about the interview process and any other companies that would be great thanks!

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    Southwest and Delta are both good companies to work for. Delta is a Major international carrier and very large, employing approximately 20,000 flight attendants.

    In contrast, Southwest airlines is a smaller, domestic airline, flying just one type of aircraft, the Boeing 737. Ironically, Southwest Airlines just bought Airtran airlines. Airtran operates the Boeing 717 class airliner-- SW airlines decided to lease those 717's to Delta, which will begin to operate them in the near future.

    SW is considered to be the more "fun" airline to work for, and they actually pay more than Delta. SW flight attendants are unionized, while Delta is not.

    I'd say apply at all the airlines that you want to work for, and see who "bites" first.

    Source(s): 33-Year Flight Attendant, and Flight Attendant Recruiter/Instructor.
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    First, understand that I'm a frequent flier, not an airline employee. What I tell you is what I've picked up along the way by observing and reading.

    1. Southwest does not fly internationally. Delta is one of the largest international airlines, and they go everywhere.

    2. Southwest has a strong culture of high energy and fun, and they demand it of their flight crews. They put a lot of emphasis on that in the interview process. They are also considered a great place to work - one of their philosophies is to support their employees over customers (sort of, "the employee is always right" as opposed to the customer is always right).

    3. Because a lot of flight attendants want to fly internationally, it's usually based on seniority, especially at unionized airlines. So the most senior crew get first choice.

    4. You also consider American or United, both large international airlines.

    5. It may be easier to get in the door at one of the regional airlines that are affiliated with the majors. They fly as United Express, Delta Express, American Eagle, etc, but have a different company name. (If you search flight listings, you might see something like, UA 6059 operated by ExpressJet.) Some of them are part owned by the major, some are affiliated in name only. The pay might be lower and they have limited coverage, but I think you would have an advantage jumping to the big airline if you have flown with their affiliate.

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    Fly for Alaska Airlines, they treat their people WAAAAY better. They also fly all over the US, as well as Hawaii.

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