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Okay, so I got a job offer as a Baltimore City Police Officer. I’m really excited about the opportunity to get my foot in the door with a Police Department, but I need to relocate. I'm from Ohio. I was wondering if any apartments near Baltimore City or in Baltimore City have discounts for Police Officers? Also if you have any good apartments you know off that have free parking, some paid utilizes and are fairly cheap let me know about them. I really want a apartment that has a dryer and washer in the unit, but I could go without. I did do a lot of research on this for a few weeks and came up with very little. I know A&G Management gives police discounts, but I don't know how much. Some apartments I have been looking in to are Park East Apartments, Chapel Manor Apartments, Hamilton Springs Apartments, White Springs Crossing Apartments, Fox Hall Apartments. However, if there are apartments for under 950 in the city with free parking I would love to know about them as well.

I’m not willing to spend over 950/mo due to other bills and only starting out with little pay. I’m looking for a studio or one bedroom apartment.

Please just don't send me links of apartments.com or other apartment search websites because I have been to them all. I just want personal help that can point me in the right direction. If you are currently a police officer with the city of Baltimore where do you live? Thanks for any help and insight you have.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I stumbled across your posting because my daughter wants to move downtown. Personally, I am nervous for her and the places she is checking out are where her friends live in Canton. It has come into vogue over the past few years and row house where changed to cute stores and bars and restaurants. The problem is parking and she is a tiny, cute single girl. Parking is imperative to me because otherwise you can drive circle around the block, etc and a pain. So good luck with that.

    I live in a nice area condo that is over your price range, but a few blocks away are apartments that would fit into your range. They might be in Baltimore city or county, but it takes me 10-15 minutes to get to downtown area. You might find it to your liking. I would suggest:

    Bonnie Ridge Apartments..off of Smith Avenue. daughter used to live there and so many other people I know over the years. Tenets there are varied and more urban professional.

    Fallstaff Manor, Pickwick or Pickwick East are nice.. The neighborhood there are Black People and Orthodox Jews, mostly, all good for me. The street would be Clarks's Lane or Sanzo Road.

    I have a few officers in my family and I usually don't answer stuff that this, but I happened by your post and wanted to help you. Thank you for service and good luck in your future.

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