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Blue Screen in Windows 7..........?

I was downloading torrent, and watching a movie stored in my PC. Suddenly my pc sounted a blurr,,, and then blue screen and some 0s and digits and words, and the restart, WTF. I have avast free and malwarebytes, should i go for avg. or what is it. i use frostwire btw

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    First things first - shut everything down & reboot. When the screen gets to the boot screeh - start the repair process (read your manual - I don't remember off the top of my head how to do this - but it is probably an F# key). Run the repair process (or boot it with the operating system disk in the optical drive to get into the repair process that way).

    If your computer's manufacturer has a diagnostic page on their website, run that.

    Checking for updated drivers isn't needed - but it's not a bad idea - sometimes a new driver (or BIOS update) will be set up to avoid problems that the old driver wasn't able to handle. A BSOD would be a sign that something wasn't going right....

    After you've made sure that the drivers are up to date, the hardware is in good order, and run something like Advanced System Care or CCleaner to clean & defragment the registry & the hard drive - try rebooting and running torrent. If that works. Watch a movie (shut down torrent). If that works - try both....

    Or just take it as a sign from your computer that it doesn't like running a movie AND torrent at the same time.

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    start the machine and repeatedly tap the F8 key until the option screen appears and choose safemode with networking then open your browser and go to that is Microsoft's online virus scanner there are others that go to and download their free scanner and run the and offer free rescue disk just use a clean machine to download and burn the disk set your bios to boot from the cd/dvd player and run the rescue disk before the machine can boot up...stolen movie or torrant got you a virus

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    Blue screens are just something that tell you "I don't like running this program with this program..." etc. Currently, you're using one of the best anti-virus/malware combo ever. I also user Malwarebytes and Avast, so you're fine against viruses.

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    While using torrents I extremely advise using a vpn service. Just google "vpnmaster" for best vpn provider.

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