Preppy clothing stores in Canada? 10 pts!?

I'm looking for preppy clothing, and ideas! I am going to purchase sperrys - what other shoes can I purchase that are preppy? (that aren't heels! maybe 1-2 inches MAX!) and what kind of clothes? Where would you find clothes? I am from Canada so we don't have maceys, or any of those stores... and ordering online MAY be a possibility - but I am looking for clothing stores I can just walk into and try them on and see what they look like on me...

IDEAS! 10 pts

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    8 years ago
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    I'm not from Canada but you can order these things online if you don't have these stores.

    *Preppy Clothing Items:

    Polos, Khakis, Blazers, Sperrys or other boat shoes, pearls, skirts, button downs, vests, Bermuda shorts, dresses, leggings, riding boots, anything with nautical things on it (anchors, sailboats, etc.), bows

    *Preppy Stores:

    Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, J.Crew, Sperry Top-Sider, Southern Tide

    *Alt. Stores that may have some preppy items for those on a budget:

    Old Navy, Aeropostale (has some nice khaki & navy blue pants), second hand shops

    *Preppy Hairstyles:

    straight or curled, bows, cute clips, headbands, perfect bun (not the messy bun)

    *Preppy Makeup:

    Keep it natural. brown eyeliner, brown mascara, foundation if needed, blush, pink/pale/nude lipstick or gloss

    *Preppy Inspirations:

    Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl), Rachel Berry (Glee), Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars)

    *Other things to know:

    Preps strive to get a good education so don't blow off studying!

    Aeropostale, Hollister, A&F, AE and forever 21 are NOT preppy stores. Take it from a true prep(;

    Don't brag about things. Preps are very classy and bragging is so not classy.

    Don't change your look so fast. Start off slow so you don't look like a poser!

    Really hope I helped! (:

    Source(s): Live Life Proper
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  • 4 years ago

    1. Abercrombie 2. Abercormbie & Fitch three. Hollister 4. American Eagle oufitters 5. Anchor Blue 6. Ruehl 7. Ceaselessly 21 (for girls) eight. Aerie (also for ladies) 9. Historical navy 10. Moist seal eleven. Aeropostale 12. P.C.Sun thirteen. Banana Republic 14. The hole 15. Charlotte Russe 16. Rue 21 17. Bebe

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  • 4 years ago

    Tommy Hilfiger outlets sell preppy clothes at affordable prices.

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  • 4 years ago

    I'm sorry I don't know about this

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