isn't putting americans back to work worth another trillion in the budget deficit?

i get so sick and tired of politicians! because, they always are vague. they don't state specifically what they mean when they say they will, when elected, tackle our concerns on x, y, or z (topic we are concerned about).

what is the budget deficit today? about 14, 15 trillion dollars. that means that what we spend a LOT MORE than what the taxpayers pay, in income taxes (and that is NEVER enough for these greedy politicians). it means that we come up short by that much money. imagine what one trillion dollars is... can you count up to a trillion? i can't!

alright then. we are in the hole. but what is the most important issue staring us in the face today and in recent years? it's what's in our pocketbook! we are broke! more and more people are staying alive by taking very extended unemployment compensation (the extensions have stopped before the election, for a time, and then if obama is reelected, he will extend them again), while the social security administration is kept busy processing an ever-increasing pile of requests for people to be placed onto SSI as disabled.

well, if you are at your wits end in going all over the place to gain employment, but you cannot, due to technology (let's face it folks, technology and The Computer Era have wiped out so many jobs!) replacing your old job, then you ARE indeed disabled! are you not? if you cannot get a job, are you not disabled? think on that one.

okay then. are we not worth another trillion in the deficit to put us back on the job? i think we are.

we can start by rebuilding and recreating the infrastructure (look today or tomorrow for another of my ceaseless questions about the infrastructure).

if you extend your definition of "infrastructure" past only fixing/rebuilding highways (for instance), you will find that there are thousands of different jobs to get done to rebuild our infrastructure. what do your taxes pay for? they supposedly pay for your right to use a lot of services. for instance, a public library. or a school. and so on. our infrastructure goes way past building roads.

what would our country be like if we spent another trillion that we do not have to put americans back onto steady work, whereby they brought home the bacon again?

do you think we are worth it? why?

how i love thorough answers! i read every word. sometimes they end up tied. it's then hard to choose a winner, but i will.

can you kindly state your age group for my own curiosity (20 - 30 years old, etc.)? and know this, since i want the most thorough answers, i will extend the time period to 7 days. please state your whys and wherefores along with your opinions.

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  • Randy
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    7 years ago
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    Believing that government can create jobs is part of what got us into this position in the first place.

    Certainly government can provide funds for selected industries and there will be some individuals who gain from that work. However, that money must come from some place, either through taxation (taking money from some group to give it to favored individuals) and there is no financial gain for the nation. Or by borrowing which depresses the value of the dollar from which all citizens suffer in decreasing purchasing power.

    Understand, government does nothing that creates wealth. Without the creation of wealth jobs have no meaning. Jobs which participate in the creation of wealth exist only in the private sector. We are in a disaster which is only growing worse. Annually the federal budget continues to run a deficit in excess of 1 trillion dollars and the federal borrowed debt is about to exceed 16 trillion dollars. If this isn't clear, we are about to step over the economic cliff edge descending into an economic disaster of proportions undreamed of in the past.

    The federal government has to cut its budget to the point of developing a surplus that must be applied to the federal debt. At the same time regulations on businesses must be reduced to provide confidence in the future, business will expand and new jobs will be created as will new wealth. As this happens tax revenues to the federal government will increase.

    But make no mistake, this is a long term project, best estimates are guessing as much as 25 years. Progressive Liberal government building a nanny-state doesn't work.

    I am 71 years old.

    Source(s): 50 years of studying economics and history
  • 7 years ago

    The money given to bail out banks would have been much better spent if it had been used to create new jobs in America - and I mean REAL jobs, not part-time or minimum wage jobs.

    However, it seems that the deliberate destruction of the middle class is one of the top priorities of The Powers That Be, in order to increase peoples' dependence on government for their survival. This helps pave the way for the World Government agenda.

    The destruction of America as a sovereign independent nation is a number 1 priority for them, hence the offshoring of jobs and the active obstructionism of the government bureaucracy towards business here.

    This same agenda of promoting dependency on government shows itself in other ways too - the prosecution of the lady feeding poor children, the tearing up of peoples' vegetable gardens, the labelling of people making provision for their own survival as "Terrorists", the prosecution of the man collecting rainwater on his own property, the move towards microchipping all livestock and recording every bale of hay and who it was sold to...I could go on...

    So don't look for government for assistance in making people more independent - it looks like their desired direction is to have everyone on food stamps.

  • 3 years ago typical, Obama speaking approximately "electioneering" is the peak of hypocrisy... ...he's determined to get this handed now on the grounds that it promises him a large crusade chip in 2012....if a few new advantage kit is handed after the 2010 midterms, then the Republicans can take partial credit score for it irrespective of what number of seats they do or don't choose up.... men are most likely giving your self credit score to your capability to "consider external the field"....good, seem at Obama from an unbiased viewpoint....why is the November closing date this kind of tremendous deal? Why is he concentrating on unemployment advantages whilst he promised to the American People on TV that his "#a million consciousness" was once going to be on jobs? ...seem at what he is NOT pronouncing furthermore to what he's pronouncing....The Republicans would appear "soiled" however they don't seem to be the social gathering in energy...there is a motive that new lawn on the White House is developing so good....and it is not on the grounds that Michelle has this kind of inexperienced thumb....

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