Honors/AP Chemistry Homework!?

We learned this is honors chemistry last year and I'm going into AP this year but this is part of my summer homework. I can't remember how to figure this problem out so if someone could help me that'd be greatly appreciated.

Here's the problem:

How many atoms of Nitrogen (N) are present in 5.00 grams of each of the following?

a. glycine, C2H5O2N

b. magnesium nitride

c. calcium nitrate

d. dinitrogen tetroxide

You don't have to answer each and every one of these for me, I just need a step by step of at least one of them cause I've learned it but just don't remember how to do it!

Thanks in advanced to whomever can help!

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    7 years ago
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    first , calculate the # of mols of the compound given, then as ex

    a. 5.00 g / 75 g mol-1 = 0.0667 mol

    then 1 mol of compound contain 1 mol of N

    so 0.0667 mol of compound contain 0.0667 mol of N

    then one N mol has avagadro number of atoms.

    NA * 0.0667

    I think you got it. (NA = avagadro number)

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