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What if peyton manning won 2 more super bowls ...?

Than would more people think he is better than Tom Brady? You could argue Brady went to five. But what if Mannings were more decisive, like he destroyed defences. Unlike like off the leg of Adam vinitarie. Brady was not always elite but peyton was elite nearly all his career. I believed before Denver peyton was always better. I hated him. I just thought his team fumbled in the playoffs. I'm not saying he will win 2 SB. Cuz I know a lot of u will answer with "that will never happen Denver sucks u coon *** ***** " that's not the answer I'm looking for. I'm asking an honest opionon if they tied in super bowls ...which QB is greater?

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    I personally think Manning is already a better QB than Brady. Although Brady is an outstanding QB and he's won so much with the Pats, a lot of their success has to be credited to Bill Belicheck. Manning's coaching was decent but not anything close to what Brady has had. Peyton's only won once, yes, but Dan Marino didn't win any superbowls and he's still considered one of the greats. When Brady got injured and was out for the season, the pats went 11-5 because of outstanding coaching. Last year, Manning was out for the entire season and look what happened, 2-14. I believe Manning is a better QB and will go down in the top 5 of all time if he wins another superbowl or not. And if he wins 2 more he could probably be arguably the best QB to ever play the game.

    P.S = I'm a steeler fan so it's not like I'm saying all this cause I'm a huge broncos or colts fan.

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    The debate would still continue because Super Bowls are not personal accomplishments but a team effort. But so are MVP awards, in order to put up big numbers you need receivers that catch the ball and a line that gives you time to throw.

    Manning had great weapons and the same offensive coordinator for most of his career, while Brady has always had the same terrific coach and a stingy defense until 2007 (except for 2005 when most defensive starters got hurt).

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    But having said that, what if Brady had Tom Moore as his Offensive Coordinator for 11 consecutive years while throwing to nothing but former 1st round picks in a pass heavy offense his entire career?

    If Manning had won 2 more Super Bowls or if Brady had won 2 more MVP's, the debate would still continue. To me, Brady is better because he was able to achieve more with less offensively along with constant change, while Manning maintained the status quo with an offense that really didn't change personnel both in coaching and in players until 2009.

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    It is very viable. That is Peyton's great crew he's ever been on. High 5 offense and D, strong colossal receiver in Demaryius Thomas and a resurgence of a walking recreation with Knowshon.

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    I don't think this is even a discussion. Manning is a system QB. He had an offensive coordinator for more than 10 years, longer than anyone I can think of, and that coordinator was the same guy who made Scott Mitchell look relevant in Detroit for a couple of seasons in the mid 1990's. Manning is a good QB, but without having the same offensive coordinator all those years, along with a former first round pick at all the skill positions, I'm not sure he would be that good.

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    LOL :D

    That's a BIG if, brother.

    Let's focus on what happen during this season: will Manning carry the Broncos to playoff like Tebow did last season? That should be a topic to debate.

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    Tom Brady doesn't belong in the same sentence as Peyton Manning. I'm not a fan of either, but Peyton is by far---and I mean by FFFAAARRRR---a better quarterback. Brady is purely a system QB. If you got him in a backroom and asked to compare his talent to Manning, he'd probably laugh and say that Peyton is way better.

    Brady benefits from a very good team. That's it. Brady isn't even a top-25 all-time quarterback. I could list 25 quarterbacks who were better than Tom Brady. Seriously, Brady is a good guy and all, but he's not that talented. Manning is on a whole other level.

    Not even close.

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    Payton Manning will not win has another super bowl his brother Eli has a better chance

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    As a Bronco fan, I'd love it if Peyton wins two more Super Bowls.

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    Peyton is better. Brady is a cog of the Belichick machine. Not saying he is horrible, saying that people give him far more credit then he deserves.

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