POLLS & SURVEYS : Do you think there should be a movie called "EK THA BANDAR" too after "EK THA TIGER?

The Heroine will be Katrina Kaif & the Hero should be from our Y!A only ... so suggest some hero names from Y!A ???

i suggest my contact "Samat Lakra" name as he told his this movie is going to come soon ...

Update: @Hiren - ya exactly !!! den EK THA PUPPY !!! hihihiihhihihihihi
Update 2: @PuPPy - i just wrote that only ... hihihihihihi
Update 3: @Jumping Sun - exactly i agree with u !!!
Update 4: @PuPPy - Hmmmmmmmmmm yes !!!
Update 5: @Яi¢ђд - the permission is there already coz he himself told that his movie is coming soon ...
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