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Why do people hate on mitt Romney?

I don't get it.. this year it seems is a complete one sided battle. I haven't really gotten into politics these elections but can someone give me the overview?

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    Here are the main points:

    Mitt Romney Got Rich Unethically:

    Mitt Romney was a ventured capitalist that basically bought companies made some profit while liquidating the company at the same time. (leaving a lot of people without jobs). Mitt Romney's acquired companies often had american labor but mitt romney laid those people off and outsourced the work.

    Mitt Romney is not Relevant to the working class:

    Romney outsourced jobs, liquidated companies and was born rich. He can't related to the problems the working class has. When you have used the "commoners" your whole life to make you rich, disregarding their life or feelings you couldn't possibly know the problems common people want solve.

    Mitt Romney has only revealed his taxes once:

    Mitt romney doesn't want to show more tax records because it will expose his exploitation of tax heavens. Mitt Romney wants to increase taxes when he himself isn't paying taxes, this of course looks pretty hypocritical to the masses.

    Mitt Romney has no good intentions:

    Mitt romney is just rich.. end of discussion. He does not want to do much for the common people, he has no love from gays, women, or working Americans. If Mitt Romney wins, the only people benefiting will be the rich bankers and hedge funds at wall street.

  • U Mad?
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    It is most DEFINITELY not one-sided. Just look at the ridiculous left field attack adds on Obama.

    Romney is a hypocrite and a pathological liar. He was born into money, and doesn't understand the struggles of the middle class. Obamacare bares a striking resemblance to the health care bill he passed while governing the state of Massachusetts.

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    Nobody hates him, they have no reason to. Just left wing media stirring the pot......again. Look, it doesnt matter. Romney will leave the 'marxist' in the dust. Hopey changey never happened. Big swing in independents towards romney/ryan. Wisconsin is also in play. Pack your bags barry!

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    I think it's because he is an dishonest, detached disingenuous, morally and ethically challenged putz with no understanding of the challenges the typical American faces. His only redeeming value is that he tends to lose elections.

    EDIT: Hey "Impeach" you effing idiot.....are you talking about the liberals and the liberal media like Newt Gingrich (called him a liar), Rich Perry (called him dishonest and a vulture capitalist) Rick Santorum (who said that we would be better off re-electing Obama?) No the dislike for this worthless putz seems to be pretty bipartisan. Finally! Something both parties can agree on!

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    It's definitely not one sided, like people now are criticizing Biden for saying Romney will put everyone back in chains.

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    Because he is a traito! Sending jobs to China, a COMMUNIST country! Represents the .001%ers! Wants China wages here! That is COMMUNISM!

    The scam is exposed!

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    Hes a lying SOS that just wants to squeeze the lower class dry.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    because he was born in a wealthy family and doesnt know what its like to work. and seeing as 95%+ of Americans are working class...well yeah

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's bleeding hearted raging Liberals who don't like Romney. In reality Romney is gaining momentum and favor of independents.

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