Comedy and the Pie in the face?

What do you think is funnier,when a girl hits a guy in the face with a pie or when a guy hits a girl with a pie?

For some reason traditionally(especially during the old vaudeville days) it has usually been the guy getting it from a lady.Why do you think this is?

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    9 years ago
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    Comedy subverts. If the President is the most important person on the planet, you make them look silly. For hundreds of years, men have been considered the head of the house, even the owner of the wife. So, a girl besting a man was subversive. Oddly today, because it is un-PC and therefore subversive, a girl verbally besting a man, but a man responding in what is after all a childish reaction of a pie in the face, this would probably be funnier in some circumstances. However, were a Muslim woman, covered from head to toe apart from a small slit for her eyes, and made to walk behind her husband, suddenly runs forward and pies him, that is visually comical, because of the extreme subversion involved. This also works for nuns - they are seemingly so innocent and humble, but if they pied a stranger in the street, that would be subversive, and therefore funny. A guy pieing his female boss is equally subversive, especially if it was after a warning of dismissal if that man stepped out of line, followed by, "Any questions?"

    Subversions in pieing is the weaker partner pieing the stronger to humiliate them and rob them of their power - even if it led to a sacking, or similar punishment, it is a small victory for the underdog, and therefore satisfying to the audience.

  • 6 years ago

    When a guy throws a pie in a woman's face. Because women like to dress nice, stay clean, and, act proper, a pie in her face contradicts all of that.

  • 9 years ago

    Girl hits guy for the same reason that it is traditional to do it that way, it shows respect for the lady.

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