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Answer if you hve/had successful Relationships...Here's what I didn't expect <//3?

Most people are trying to find that special someone...but I have been with soooo many girls, I always say NO when the girls want to be more than friends with me and date me. Because I am trying to save them pain and tears..and save me from making that same mistake I can somehow never learn from...I use to have long term HAPPY relationships. I was in-love once but that was so long ago, now I don't feel anything anymore. How many of are parents marriages lasted anyways. Im still searching for that magical love spell but I guess I have to find it first, how can I do that when I try to witness LOVE but I've never seen it up-close. I try to be with one girl and make her my world but I end up loosing her and they all tell me they miss the old me but I didnt no I was new, and ask when did I go missing? I guess I have to be with these girls I meet at clubs and parties...I just want to be like the others who date HAPPILY for years and years...I once use to have those types of relationships but I was heartbroken many times that over the years I went from 2 years relationships to 2 weeks relationships...I was the one trying not evening looking at other girls the wrong way always doing the right thing but now I still do when im with someone...I just somehow cant have a relationship that last...

Im not lonely at all, I feel fine just f**king with these girls I meet at parties and we never date or anything serious, I just want to be able to settle down and set a course with me and another person, and stay happ, get a place together, stay committed till the end of us.

***Question***If you no where im coming from and been there done that and was able to have a successful relationship...or just always been good with relationships....Please tell me your secrets, cause hell I'd write a book on the s**t just in NOTES

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  • 8 years ago
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    after several loser relationships and 20 years of single parenting I met a wonderful man..we were perfect for each other.

    Neither tried to be the boss of the other

    We talked things out and even better-we listened to what the other person was saying.

    We didn't mix finances, but split our bills equally and each took care of their own responsibilities as well as put money to ether for social things like vacations.

    We did things tethering did things apart don't need to be joined at the hip

    We had an active sex life and were faithful to each other

    Sadly my husband passed away at the age of 53, after 15 years of marriage. I haven't met another man to replace him and don't expect to..he was 1 in a million.

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  • 8 years ago

    I like eelleeee's advise but I'll also add a little more of my own, I think most importantly you must accept that there will always be something or things that the other person does or doesn't that you don't like and you have to take the good with the bad, all within reason of course, I hate clutter but my husband is a packrat but I don't complain because he's good in so many other ways, you also have to both know when to just let something go, in the big picture you must choose your battles wisely and always remember if you go out of your way to make her happy if she's the right one then she'll most likely do the same.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm 56 and have been with hundreds of woman. so we must first define what a susessful realationship is . if u think its one that is going to last forever u are going to be disappointed . and if u think its a one nighter u might not be disappointed but your life will surley feel empty. i think a sussesful realitionship is one when we both agree to end it w/o having to call the cops or have any violence with the break up. this can happen only with a mutuial respect of each others feelings and honesty of your own feelings and the willingness to communicate ur feelings openly with each other. so to answer your first question what happened to the old you. well u got calloused in ur heart the hurt u experienced with the early break ups scared you. and every time you break up it got worse the time together being happy got less and less but the break up got ezer with less pain. so if u want a wonderful realitionship you need only follow this one ez rule " love like you have never been hurt" and if ur partner does that too you will find that ur next gf might be the last one u will ever have. now that ur both mature enough to respect each other. and know what u want. trust communcatetion and comprimise

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