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Japanese words that are romanized with ā or ē?

Recently, this peaked my curiosity. Are there any japanese words that, when romanized, contain an ā or ē? (I've seen many that contain ō and ū, and a select few with ī, but never any with ā/ē). If so, please give a few examples of both.

And then a sort of related question:

Everytime I see the name "Saaya" appear, it's written with the double a's rather than ā. Is it incorrect to romanize the name as Sāya?

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  • 8 years ago
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    In the traditional system for writing Japanese in English, called "Hepburn Romanization", long o and u were the only ones represented with a macron, or bar over the letter (as in ō and ū). In a modernized Hepburn system, you can have a macron over a long a or long e. I've never seen a long i with a macron, though. In the link below, there is a more thorough explanation of when you can use a macron and when you should not.

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  • 8 years ago

    I word romanized in Japanese can either be romanized with a macron (line over the top) or with double of that vowel, it doesn't matter

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  • 4 years ago

    i turned right into a huge anime fan, and am at the moment taking my fourth 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of school-factor jap. i believe it may help, truly. Like reported before, you'll probable see truly some unusual words in anime that you does no longer use in actual life (reckoning on what you watch), so as it truly is something to seem out for. also, there are truly some characters who communicate in ideas that are meant to be lovable or a snigger, and in case you communicate that way in favourite circumstances, you'll frankly sound like an fool. although. it may help a lot with pronunciation, intonation, and such issues as that. I also became able to %. up on some cultural information and factors that helped me comprehend Japan more advantageous effective. when you're nevertheless gazing anime once you study, i might want to recommend you commence listening more advantageous for expertise; operating example, attempt to %. out words you comprehend, and if a be conscious comes up a lot that you do not comprehend, bypass seem it up. Then attempt to demonstrate screen the way they be conscious sentences -- it truly is significant because the be conscious order is so diverse than English's. As you get more advantageous effective, you ought to get more advantageous positive, and per chance you would possibly want to commence gazing anime without the subtitles and note how a lot you comprehend. You mightn't capture each little thing, yet this style of publicity might want to up you discover advice on a thanks to capture more advantageous. in my opinion, i have reached a "hill" in my language study. the first 3 hundred and sixty 5 days of jap turned right into a breeze for me, i have reached a factor the position i have were given to artwork as demanding (or more advantageous sturdy) than anybody else. The previous (anime) publicity helped before each little thing, yet its impact has truly dwindled. in short, in case you bear in concepts you're gazing a comic book strip, which isn't a one hundred% precise mirrored image of the language and lifestyle, it may help. quite when you consider that anime is something that you probable relish, it may inspire you and be a large complement for your formal jap language study.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well met ! …

    Um,well,actually,it's the factors of Chinese.In traditional ceremonial Chinese,the Chinese phonetic alphabet is embraced by the term “syllables”,and the symbols above each letter of the alphabet are christened by the name of“tones”.people in China spell Chinese characters in this way using the syllables and the tones.

    e.g. nǐ hǎo viz. hello/ how do you do?

    Writing in Chinese characters is :“你好”.

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