Would a former drug addict be able to adopt?

Like you use to do drugs when you were a teenager, changed your life around, went to college now have a great job, great husband been clean for like 7 or more years. Can you adopt a kid?

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  • 9 years ago
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    My biological mother lived the hard drug lifestyle almost from the time she relinquished me at birth until 20 years later when she met a good man and got clean. I mean, she was living it hard core in Coalinga, California and in Vegas where she worked as a "cocktail waitress."

    She and her husband were still able to adopt four children from foster care -- two sibling pairs. They did great with them until their divorce in 2006. Then her husband left, and she retired from parenting -- one she sent back to foster care and he ended up with a wonderful family. One she allowed to return to the biological mother from whom she was removed, because drugs were found hidden in her infant seat. The other two, twin boys, she sent to JobCorps the moment they finished high school, and she called their biological dad into their lives to be their parent. She doesn't talk to any of them much now, nor has she yet acknowledged or met her two grandchildren. Her husband, the adoptive father of all these children, is now very ill and on dialysis and cannot help.

    As their sister they don't even know that well, I'm more of a guiding force in their lives than any of their parents.

    So if you're willing to adopt from foster care, yes, they will place foster children with pretty much anyone I guess.

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    9 years ago

    If it happened that early in life I doubt they would care. Start a home study and see. They judge individually.

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