who's the best rider with talent out right now?

Give me your top 5 riders out right now? Heres mine:

1. John Velazquez

2. Ramon Dominguez

3. Javier Castallano

4. Rafael Bejarano

5. Garrett Gomez

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  • JSC
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    8 years ago
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    How about 7-

    Javier Castellano

    Ramon A. Dominguez

    Rafael Bejarano

    John R. Velazquez

    Julien R. Leparoux

    Joel Rosario

    Rosie Napravnik

    @ Nice try Laura.lol...Chantal, she ranks about 99 right now..too bad was so hoping for more from her. She has to many directions and not enought focus.

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  • Laura
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    8 years ago

    According to Equibase:

    Top 5 jocks by earning this year are Javier Castellano, Ramon Dominguez, Rafael Bejarano, John Velasquez, and Julien Leparoux.

    Top 5 by $ per start are Mike Smith, Mario Guttierez, Valasquez, Dominguez and Bejarano.

    Top 5 Win % (using the top 100 jocks according to Equibase) are Russell Baze, Travis Dulkelberger, Clifton Berry, Bejarano, and DeShawn Parker.

    Top 5 W-P-S %: Baze, Dunkelberger, Parker, Bejarano, and Dominguez


    Looking at Graded Stakes results only:

    The top earners are Castellano, Velasquez, Dominguez, Smith, and Leparoux.

    $ per start: Eddie Martin Jr., Parker, Guttierez, Julio Garcia, Patrick Valenzuela

    Win %: and W-P-S percent are not as meaningful, since several riders have high percentages with very few starts.

    Here's who has gotten the most calls for graded stakes races:

    Castellano (103 starts), Leparoux (94), Velazquez (84), Rosario (84), Bejarano (75)

    Note: none of the above include Dubai World Cup earnings. Things change if you throw those in.

    My top 5 (who would I put on my hypothetical graded-stakes runner that I don't own and probably never will):






    (Edited to fix some typos.)

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  • 8 years ago

    JSC, you forgot CHANTAL!!!!!!!!

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