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what do you think about matt kemp?

IMO he has talent and can bat so great. Hes the best IMO out right now. Too bad he got injured during this season but him and the dodgers are coming back to where they left off in april/may right now. Hed be most likely shooting for a 40+ homer season if he hadnt gotten injured.

Maybe he may not be in for the MVP running like last year but got injured though. IMO he got robbed last year for the MVP. They gave it to someone who was on steriods. I think Kemp was cheated and shouldve won it. They probably gave it to ryan braun because his team made it to the playoffs last year. His team did not.

What do you think about him? And his 2011 established year? And may make the 2012 postseason games too?

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    Well, no doubt he has talent. He's one of the best players in the game.He can hit, hit for power, steal bases, is a good fielder, and has a good arm.If he hadn't gotten injured, I think he would be the favorite for MVP and I think he would have been on pace for at least 40 home runs.

    With what happened last year with Braun and Kemp, I agree that Kemp was robbed. Most people think Kemp was robbed. He had the better season, and he only lost because Braun was on the better team.

    Overall, he's a great player that can carry a team and he has been carrying the Dodgers at the beginning of the season.He's starting to heat up, and I think of him as a top 5 player in the game.With what he did in 2011 proves what he is capable of doing. If the Dodgers make the postseason, they're going to hope that Kemp can carry them.

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    Definitely, if not for the hamstring injury, he would probably be on his way to a 40-40 season and walk away with the MVP. On all round talent he has to be the best player in baseball. If he can have a great last 48 games and help the Dodgers to the WS he might still be in with a chance for MVP.

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    No doubt hes one of the best players but the MVP award isn't given to the best overall player. Its given to the player who was most valuable to their team. So even though Kemp was slightly better than Braun, Braun still won it because he lead his team into the playoffs. Thats why MVP is overrated. IMO there should only be one silver slugger award. Matt Kemp won that btw.

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    When healthy, there is no better player in all of baseball than Matt Kemp.

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    Matt Kemp has talent? I wasn't aware.

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    he has potential to be a hall of famer...

    he has a lot of work to do in order to get to that level but he has the talent to do it

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    He's talented

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