Custody agreement through state of iowa?

I have a 6 month old daughter. and I am a young mom i am 17 years old and i'm almost 18. I am working on getting my GED and i'm working a full time mom,and once i get my GED i'm starting college classes staying with my friend and i have child care assistance thru the state. and i have another month before i'm in hud. i have an absolute clean record. never been in any sort of trouble. and i am working on getting my license when i'm 18 in less than a month. My babys dad is trying to get custody where he gets her for a week and i get her so on. He has assault and many seat belt tickets speeding MIP and he had gotten arrested for hitting me and i lied cuz i was scared and i didn't know what to do. and when i finally came out with the truth they had already tried him so they couldn't do anything. also he lives with his mother and has no GED or HS diploma. and he is also 20 years old and he won't give any of my daughters stuff back that has been there like her crib swing and many clothes. i know him well enough and he isn't doing this so he can see his daughter he is doing it to hurt me. i want honest opinions about what you think the custody agreement will be thru the state of iowa. please don't judge and critisize about getting pregnant young because i know it was a mistake.. but i'm not running away from it.


we both have full time jobs too

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    The state is not going to split her up a week at a time. You need a lawyer. Do not try to be nice about this! He might get every other weekend and Wednesday after noon just like most non-custodial parents. Is he paying child support? Again talk to a lawyer it costs nothing to make a call and ask some questions.

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    she will move away see you later as she notifies the courtroom the position she gained a help order and/or a custody/visitation order. Now, if she gained newborn help say by newborn help Enforcement, they do no longer do visitation orders. If there is not any visitation order in result and also you're purely "verbally" installation arrangements, i'd recommend you employ a criminal specialist to set those up for you. you'd be liable for almost each and every of the transportation of the youngster to/from his father's homestead. with any luck, he will be prepared to satisfy you 1/2 way. see you later because the mother has gained finished custody, and she notifies the right human beings, the move won't be able to be contested through the daddy, except the youngster might want to be in direct damage. If I were you, i'd attempt to stay on the daddy's sturdy area, yet no longer too sturdy, purely to tender issues over until eventually after the move. Why does he in undemanding words pay $seventy 5 another month? Does he artwork? For God's sake, make him pay extra!!!

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    First of all, if you and your ex live close enough to each other and if the court sees fit there is a possibility that they will do joint custody. I know several different people that have this kind of arraignment; a girl I used to work with and her ex switch their now 2 year old off every 3 days and have been doing so since he was 3 months old, a friend of mine and her ex switch off their 10 year old son every Friday and this has been their routine for the last 3 years.

    The father used to get the short end of the stick on this deal, but things have come a long way for father's especially in the last 10 years or so when it comes to custody arrangements. It's not always every other weekend and if your lucky one afternoon a week for dads. I am seeing more and more cases of fathers getting more visitation especially if they live in the same town/city limits or if the child isn't in school yet (when they do become school aged the custody agreement is then "revisited" by the court and changed for the needs of the child).

    What you need to do is keep doing your schooling to show that you are trying to provide the best possible life for you and your daughter.

    Next if you have not done it yet, then get a hold of DHS so that they can get you in touch with Iowa Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) to get a Child Support payments set up. Even if he isn't working they can still get something down on paper and documented within the courts. Everything done through CSRU is considered a legal document, and they have lawyers that will file the paperwork with the courts for child support. An extra bonus on this is if he moves from job to job you can let them know where he is working or if you can't figure out where he is working they can track him down in time (as long as it isn't a job where he is paid cash under the table).

    Thirdly, you need to keep your daughter until you have a custody agreement set in place through the courts (I don't know for sure but maybe Child Support Recovery can help you find a lawyer or point you in the right direction to get something in writing.) Otherwise, every time that your daughter's father takes her for a visit, you are at risk of him not returning her and if there is no custody agreement in place he is not obligated to return her to you.

    I live in Iowa as well, and one day my children's dad said that he was going to take them, and my kids told me my oldest was 4 at the time. Well I called my parents lawyer and told them the situation within the hour they had a rough document drawn up, changes were made and then my lawyer took us to the courthouse and had a judge sign a "Temporary Custody Agreement". the jist of it was... Temporary custody of "the shared" children (their names listed) between me (my name) and my ex (his name) had been granted to the children's mother, as long as there is no other legal document stating otherwise.

    It was 2 pages long including the cover sheet that the lawyer had on there, and it gave me peace of mind, because all it meant was that if he had the girls he had to give them back, and if he didn't by the agreed upon time, then I could call the police for kidnapping. Then about a year later I had my lawyer draw up the permanent custody papers, after I had gotten my taxes and had the money to pay him.

    It is possible that "he is doing this just to hurt you" but you still need to take all of this very seriously, in the event that he had her for a "visit" and didn't return her to you, then he could file for temporary custody as well, and if that were the case, he would have her until you were able to get him back into court.

    I wish you good luck, I too was a young mom (had my first at 18, second at 20) and I was a single mom by the time my youngest was 6 months old. I just want you to know that I pass no judgement on you at all!! I had to figure out all this stuff on the fly when I was in your shoes, and wished everyday for "someone like me" (it was a little rarer 10 years ago, especially in a small town in northwest Iowa). You are taking responsibility for your actions, and remember that there will be hard times in your future, but it really does get a little easier everyday! Single mothers are the strongest people out there in my book!!

    Stay Positive!! Stay Strong!! You have more support then you know!!

    Good luck, hun!!!


    Source(s): Lives in Iowa; and have been through the same.
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    7 years ago

    The process of filing a divorce is quite simple in Iowa. The first and the most important step when filing a divorce, is submitting the divorce documents. Generally in a default divorce the spouse filing for divorce gets everything that is asked for, or the spouse is liable for.

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