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possible for me to get into west point?

I did really bad in High School. . Well... after that I joined the Army National Guard as an Infantryman. I just completed 2 years of Community college with a 3.9 GPA. Also on the Football Team. The fact that I'm in the Army shows my commitment to the Military and wanting to be an Officer. My goal is not to be cool and go to a high university. Im just extremely Patriotic and would love to serve my country in the greatest way possible which I think separates me from the other applicants. Will they at least put me in their prep school?

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    I didn't answer the question a few days ago because I thought you were trolling asking about an appointment to West Point with the stated HS Gpa and without mention of Community College Gpa. The age limit for West Point is not having passed the 23rd birthday on July 1 of the year of entry. The age limit for West Point Prep is not having passed the 22nd birthday on July 1 of the year of entry. National Guardsmen are eligible for Secretary of the Army nominations to West Point.

    All West Point Prep Cadet Candidates have to be Soldiers on active duty. The way the military gets around this to use the Prep Schools for recruited athletes is by enlisting the Cadet Candidate in the Reserves and placing the Reserve military member on extended active duty. This allows the Cadet Candidate to be appointed to the service academy utilizing the maximum 85 slots "reserved" for active duty soldiers or the 85 slots "reserved" for Reserve soldiers/National Guardsman. It is the same at Usafa and Usna but for Secretary of the Air Force or Navy nominations.

    The prep schools are primarily filled with athletic recruits for a few sports. Which sports, just check the athletic pages of West Point Prep.

    Actually here...

    If the Prep School fields a team, then athletic recruits for that sport are eligible. Any player on the roster with USMAPS after his name was a recruited athlete.

    West Point Prep has just moved from Fort Monmouth New Jersey to West Point. Prior to Fort Monmouth it was located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

    Some sports use the prep schools not only for athletes who do not scholastically qualify for West Point but also for a freshman red shirt year:

    West Point also fields a Sprint Football team but Sprint Football recruits usually are not offered a year at West Point Prep:

    The answer at the link has information regarding service academy appointments:;_ylv=3?qid...

    The first Usafa link at the above linked answer no longer goes to the indicated page as Usafa just updated its website. Here is the new Usafa link. Open all links to the right of the page:

    A National Guardsman can also apply to the other service academies, he is just not eligible for a Secretary of Navy/Air Force nomination. USMMA offers a very limited selection of majors but the age of entry is not past the 25th birthday on July 1 of the year of entry. USMMA Mids can direct commission to the active duty Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and NOAA Commisisoned Corps or serve on reserve duty in the Navy for six years. They do field a football team:

    The deadline is quickly approaching for submitting applications for a nomination. All but USCGA require a nomination.

    Some Reps and Senators stop accepting applications as early as mid August. Most stop accepting applications by November 1. Will need to take the Sat or Act for any of the Service Academies.

    Go to your Rep and Senators web pages and look for information on applying for a nomination.

    Note: a nomination for USMMA can be from any Rep in the state of residence. Most students who seek an appointment to a service academy are extremely patriotic.

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    Slim chance, as very little are prior enlisted, most straight of high school, and the fact you didn`t get excellent grades in high school won`t help...but it`s worth applying to see.

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