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planning trip to japan... how to find casual hookup?

i am going to tokyo soon. are there any places where an english-speaking caucasian male in his 20s could easily find a sexual partner for (preferably) not much money? anyone have any experience with girls in japan and know how they feel about white non-japanese speakers? i heard that they might be intimidated or uncomfortable with americans.

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    Japan is not a sex tourism nation.

    I recommend the other countries or stay in your country.

    "Several countries have become preferred destinations for sex tourists. These include Brazil,[5][6] Costa Rica,[7][8] Cuba,[9][10] the Dominican Republic,[11][12] Kenya,[13] the Netherlands, the Philippines, Colombia, and Thailand"

    Edit:@少林 Yoda Why are you always creepy?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Good one. Sex for not much money. The only worse idea would be getting married for not much money. If I ever have the desire to get married again, I'm just going to go out and find a woman I don't like and give her a house and half of all the money I have.

    Go to some place like Thailand if you want cheap sex.

    @Yoda.... note the choice of words by the Asker "sexual partner for (preferably) not much money". Now, to me the guy is asking for a cheap whore. Granted, the 'hookup' is a contradiction of terms with the above statement, but I balanced one word against a rather clearly worded phrase. Even the word 'preferably' would imply that 'not much money' is the goal but that more money would be okay.

    That being said, said commodity is rarely free. It might be as low as a beer, or several, on the upstream side. But there is always the downstream side of the equation, one of those being, but not exclusively so, the need for some sort of ointment/injection. Sometimes what you get is like diamonds, forever.

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  • 8 years ago

    Is it just me or is there a world of difference between the word "hookup" and "hooker." I guess people get so excited when they see a question like this that they don't calm down enough to read it.

    Just to clarify: Are you looking for a "hooker?" or just hooking up?

    As an obvious foreigner, you are a fish out of water, and if you are traveling to have sex with Asian women, you should be in Thailand right now. Japan's GDP is damn near the same as the USA's and you won't find women who will marry you for your green card.

    Now, do you want to pick up women at a club? Is that what your saying? Because if it is, all the giggling and tittering made me think you're looking for a shady motel and a woman of the night.

    To pick up girls at a club, good luck. All the foreigners go to the same places, whether it be Tokyo or Osaka or Hiroshima,etc. There are usually about 50 caucasian Canadian boys with slicked back blonde hair that look and act like an anglosaxon version of Jersey Shore.

    The prize are three bored, semi-drunk, thirty-something Japanese girls who shut the bar down every night. They guys choose which one they want to hone in on and say **** like "May the Best Man Win!" The Japanese girl gets an email that her prescription for antibiotic ointment has been filled.

    Or you can choose one of the pseudo-prostitution options available. There is Soap Land and Delivery Heath. These you will pay money for. Way too much. Would you like to complain about the price. Sato, the guy with the burn scars on his face and the missing ear, would be happy to negotiate prices with you.

    The good thing is, soap/massage/delivery health girls are generally not afraid of white people, since they are protected by violent sociopaths.

    As for real prostitutes, not the the soap land variety, that is illegal, and I would not advise a foreigner to get involved in it. You do not have diplomatic immunity, and the USA authorities will not drag Osaka bay looking for your body.

    @That guy that that said I was creepy:

    Why am I always creepy? This is Yahoo fvcking Answers! There are only four archetypes available here:

    a. Racist holocaust-denier

    b. Helmet-wearing special olympics contestant

    c. Ultra-nationalist from insignificant country (fervor of nationalism inversely proportional to significance of country: (GUYS SRIOUSLY MACEDONIA IS WAY COOLER THAN SLOVENIA/ ALL YOUR SHITTY BARREN ISLANDS BELONG TO US!)

    d. Vaguely threatening creep who pretends to be a troll to mask his/her inability to socialize with other humans

    I suppose I would be d, then. The point with "hooking up" and "hookers" is that either way you pay. Feigning interest in Boyz II Men and looking at pictures of sedated koalas shallowly breathing their way through a photo session with a Japanese girl costs more to me than the hourly rate of deli hell.

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  • 8 years ago

    What kind of disease are you looking for?

    Sure, there are girls in Japan who will sleep with you. How high quality do you think they'll be though.

    So, you're American... OK. So let's say someone comes over to the U.S. from some other country and can't speak any English or Spanish. They speak an entirely different language and are looking around for girls to have sex with.

    What do you think of this guy? Do you think he'll get laid? If so, how?

    I think he could. He'd probably get laid with some dumb girl that likes guys from that country and speaks a bit of the language.

    How could he find those girls though? If he doesn't know the culture and language, he's going to be pretty much at a loss and a sitting target. Let the girls find him. The dumb girls with agendas.

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  • clutts
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    3 years ago

    Which city in Tokyo? There more desirable than 50 there. practice bypass is properly worth provided that you employ Shinkansen more desirable than going from Tokyo to Osaka and back. It won't be able to be used for Tokyo Metro, yet there are different JR lines. in spite of the undeniable fact that it can make Tokyo transportation extra complicated in case you won't be able to use Metro. it isn't undemanding too say what you ought to visit, it is incredibly own and too many places for 11 days. a minimum of if you're no longer going to Japan for examine record, if so you are able to purely open some record of "ought to visit" places . There are mountains contained in the west of Tokyo and sub-tropical islands contained in the south of Tokyo. you are able to stroll round of appropriate Tokyo, visit Minato with Odaiba, Asakusa, Shinjuku and Shibuya, move to wester Tokyo cities like Tama, Hachiouji, Mitaka. in my opinion for me Kyoto is boring, in case you've considered 3-5 temples they grow to be all a similar. and also you would possibly want to locate hordes of human beings, maximum of them are different travelers. For me, places to visit are Izu islands, Fuji and Tateyama mountains, Nikko(in autumn). Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara are sturdy for walking or perhaps better cycling with out any particular position, purely searching round.

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  • 8 years ago

    Cheap hooker in Japan ? LMAO !!!!!!! Try Thailand or Mexico if you want cheap! ( No extra charge for the HIV ).

    You can have a health girl come to your room for maybe $350 for 30 minutes. Most won't be Japanese, but Thai, Chinese, Korean.

    Over all, not a good idea. The Yakuza controls much of this business, and they are the wrong guys to deal with.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    so your going to japan just to get it in with girls you have no cultural respect

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