Dish Network hasnt come in to install my service???

so yesterday i ordered Dish Network and the representative told me that the technicians were going to come in tomorrow morning from 8am to 12am and that they were going to call me before they arrive. well its almost 11:30 and i haven't received any phone call from them. idk what their phone number is to call directly to the technicians. if i do call it will have to be their 1 800 number and i will probably be on hold for a while. idk what to do. should i just wait or call them now?


ok so now i checked online on their website and since i live in California the installation time here is at 1pm to 5pm! instead of 8am to 12am -_- they representative must have messed up or something!

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    7 years ago
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    I do apologize for the trouble with your installation. If the technician doesn't arrive by 5 PM please email me at: You can also call at: 800-333-3474

    Daniel Busa

    DISH L.L.C.

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  • 7 years ago installation was at 10am and they were on time.

    Call the 1-800# and complain.

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