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Be fully honest, will this ever happen or am i stuck?

Alright, so im an american guy in his late teens, and ever since i was three years old i have always wanted to move to Canada. I have spent a tremendous amount of time in your great country seeing relatives from Vancouver to Montreal. As a matter of fact my dad is from Canada, but he thought he would be doing the entire family a favor by raising us in Seattle USA.

I always have wanted to go "home", however i really just see it as less and less possible the older i get. The fact of the matter is I am an American, of Italian and British decent, who was born and raised in America. As my dad put it, "well this is what your getting better learn to live with it".

So, be honesty. Should i just stop all together of thinking this ever will happen and accept America as the place that im going to live my life? Or, should i still have some belief that i actually might get to go home someday? (which honestly to me would be the biggest honor).

If you just wanna say something rude please refrain, as i have heard it before. I am aware many Canadians have some sort of vendetta against Americans (trust me, after parking in a Vancouver parking garage with washington plates we came back to a key'ed car that someone egged).


No, i do not qualify. As my mom is from Washington and my dad came down for her.

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    Are you absolutely positive you don't qualify as a 'Lost Canadian'?

    Did you try using Citizenship and Immigration Canada's "Am I a Canadian" online tool?

    In you haven't yet, it's here - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/rules-cit...

    I don't care who you are or where you're from, if you've got a Canadian parent you damn well ought to be eligible for Canadian citizenship.

    (And welcomed with open arms when you finally make it home, for the first time, as a citizen.)

    But that's just my way of looking at things, and not how things are unfortunately.

    As hard as I tease Americans, I'm appalled anyone would actually damage personal property.

    That's just downright unCanadian not to mention criminally uncool.

    Since you're in your teens, what's the chances of maybe attending a Canadian college or university and getting permanent resident status that way?

    We've got an immigration option especially for graduates called Canadian Experience Class:

    Link - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/cec/index.a...

    And US student loans can be used to study abroad in other countries, including Canada.

    Or what about family members in Canada sponsoring you to come to here?

    Canada also has an option called Family Class Immigration for things like that:

    Link - http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/sponsor/ind...

    As for the rest, if your dream is to "come home" then don't ever give up till you do.

    Our dreams define us, make us who we are and help us aspire to become better than we were.

    So don't give up on your dreams in life. Not ever.

    As hard as it seems right now, that's only how it seems. Not how it genuinely is.

    Just remember: where there's a will, there's a way. So keep searching till you find it.

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    "I am aware many Canadians have some sort of vendetta against Americans"

    I'm not going to touch that but suffice to say this is the second time I've seen you say this exact same things in the two comments of your regarding Canada that I've read today and I'd like to point out my car has been scratched in parking lots and not once did I ever think I was specifically targeted as some sort of vendetta. Idiots about dude, I'm sure there are people who have visited the USA and have had their cars broken into or keyed as random acts committed by morons without purpose. That said you're entirely allowed your views, it's just regrettable you feel that way.

    That said you face the same hardships as you would anyone else trying to enter Canada and yes the requirements are lofty. Canada is huge as far as a place people around the world want to be so you do have competition, you're not going to be allowed entry by just default.

    Come here to study.


    Get one of the skilled trades that are in demand.


    The Alberta oil-sands project is screaming for workers so badly they're starting up an Aboriginal Apprentice program and are recruiting down south across the line.

    "No, i do not qualify"

    You could. What makes you different that all those people who do qualify... precious little I'm sure. If something is worth having, you'll find a way - you'll fight for it and put effort in.

    There's no vendetta.

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    The above two both have it right even people born and raised in Washington state. Could be citizens of Canada by BIRTH. You may come out of hiding. You need to ASK for the citizenship. There is still time for your Canadian Father to register your birth and you get to have dual citizenship of TWO countries.

    @ Shawn gives you the sites to look at for this rather simple procedure.

    Source(s): Retired Immigration Officer
  • Jim B
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    7 years ago

    News flash for you......................Citizenship in Canada flows FROM Parent to Child

    SO, if your Father was born in Canada, YOU are a Canadian citizen by DESCENT.

    That is the simple answer.

    Now , you will need some documents, such as your Father's Canadian birth certificate, issued by the Province where HE was born, YOUR birth certificate, and a notarized letter, from your Father, stating that he is your Father, and you are HIS son. With all of that in hand, you can apply for a Canadian passport, based on your Fathers birth in Canada. It does NOT matter that he now lives in the USA.

    Here is a list of the Canadian Consulate offices in the USA. Choose the one that is nearest to where you live, as you may need to go there , for a personal interview, at some time, in the future.


    Once you have been recognized as a Canadian citizen, by being issued a Canadian Passport, you can travel to Canada, and or live here, as you wish.

    Don't take my word for this. Do some more research on Canadian citizenship rules.

    Jim B


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  • 7 years ago

    First many Canadians do not have a vendetta against Americans at all,u got some idiot cars get keyed

    all over just sad sick people. If you like Canada so much see how you can immigrate here.

    We like Americans and hope they like us!

    Source(s): peace
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    If your dad was born in Canada, you can apply for citizenship.

  • 7 years ago

    As long as your father was an adult when he moved to the US (I'm assuming he was) then you qualify for dual citizenship. Look into it and follow the needed requirements

  • Ayyyyy
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    7 years ago

    If you want to live in Canada, do what it takes. It won't be easy but it will be worth it

  • 7 years ago

    Don't you at least qualify for dual citizenship?

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