Violation of Informed Consent?

I went to the ER for abdominal pain. I hadn't had a bowel movement in 2 weeks. I was given Toradol first, and when that didn't work, dilaudid. He told me it looks like my colon wasn't working. The bag enema did not work at all. I had CTs that he said just showed a lot of stool and he was going to discharge me. During the CT with contrast, I got severe abdominal pain. I was in tears. Never cried in pain before. Told him pain was a 10. He still was going to send me home. He said he would do another enema or have me drink magnesium citrate. I begged for pain relief. He said he would only give more Toradol. I was fine with that. I had also told him he was full of crap. He said, "Oh really? Whatever ma'am." When the nurse comes in she begins to put meds in my IV. I asked what it was as she was doing it. I had assumed it was Toradol. She said naloxone. I asked what kind of side effects. She said "there arent' any." A few seconds later I had this terrible burning all over my body and was very scared. She had just walked out of the room. Then I have to run across the hallway to the bathroom. I have liquid diarrhea. Get back to my room and she already has the discharge paperwork. I had severe diarrhea ALL night and for 2 more days. Very dehydrated. I called ER manager and she said the medication is also known as Narcan. I knew what that was. I'm an EMT. I was alert and don't take any narcotics. ER manager said she has never seen Narcan given for somebody with constipation. I know have terrible anxiety and can't sleep. My abdominal pain persists. Did the nurse violate informed consent by not informing me of the medicine and lied about side effects and because she was giving the med before explaining the med? I was never observed for side effects and my pulse was 119. My WBC count was 11.4. I was still sent home in pain and not knowing what was wrong. Can I sue doctor for giving Narcan when it wasn't indicated? For purposely causing pain? And for reversing my pain relief from earlier in the day? Narcan reverses the effect of narcotics and removes any pain relief.

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    8 years ago
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    You're an EMT and YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT DILAUDID IS?????


    You pissed off a doctor and he had the balls to Narcan your behind.

    In a word, HE GOT YOU.

    You're NOT an EMT. You don't have a CLUE about ANYTHING medical from what you've written!!!!

    In the ER we ONLY have to stabilize you to send you home.

    An EMT would KNOW THAT. They bring us drug-seeking BS all day long.


    YOU sign a form when you come into the ER stating you CONSENT TO ANY AND ALL TREATMENTS THE DOCTOR DECIDES TO ORDER.

    YOU HAVE NO CASE AT ALL for violation of informed consent. Nurses DO NOT DO informed consent.

    Informed consent ONLY applies to surgery, or procedures where you have to be sedated for them to be performed.

    What, an EMT doesn't know how mag citrate works? That diarreah causes dehydration unless you drink fluids?

    You don't know that slight tachycardia is caused by dehydration and pain? REALLY?

    WBC 11.4... Completely NORMAL.

    Jesus... if you're really in healthcare? Get out now before you kill someone!!

    Source(s): I've seen this drama WAY TOO MANY TIMES to fall for the hype.
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    8 years ago

    Unless you had severe constipation from heroin or opioid abuse, it wouldn't have made any sense to administer Naloxone into your bloodstream. I don't know the whole story, but I would definitely speak to a lawyer if you feel like you were mistreated and have a case. I wouldn't have told the doctor he was full of crap, when the opposite was literally true, you could have respectfully asked for a different doctor, so that could have been seen as verbal abuse. I don't think the doctor then purposely inflicted pain upon you because you verbally abused him, but perhaps he thought your aggression was due to opioid withdrawal, and that's what he put your condition down to, even if you didn't say it was so. If you get agitated with doctors, they usually don't take much crap, they can often have a patient sedated against their will if they're acting too aggressively. Anyway, like I said, if you feel violated from the whole incident, you could speak to a lawyer about a possible case or not.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nalaxone doesn't actually counteract the pain-killing effects of opiods. It's routinely given in conjunction with drugs such as OxyContin to prevent constipation that opiods can cause. They probably gave you some nalaxone because they were concerned that your constipation would be increased by dilaudid.

    And yes, you tend to be in quite a bit of discomfort if your bowel slows down badly and then wakes up.

    Incidentally, you've been complaining about this for months. Maybe it's time to start visiting your regular doctor and getting a management plan started instead of waiting 'til you're in pain and headinformation for the ER.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    I would talk to an attorney. But U probably can't sue.

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