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hurt knee.. weird symptoms. no idea what it might be?

I was moving around my room and when i lifted half of my bed, I locked my knee and heard a pop. I had a quick pain and I immediately bent my knee. When i stepped on it, it popped again. about 2 hours later, I had what I think might be muscle spasms right about my knee on the side of my quads. They are not painful, but it has been over 24 hours of a nonstop, involuntary pulse like thing moving very rapidly. Throughout the day, I would have cramping or sharp pains around my knee, however the pains were on and off, not constant. When I apply pressure around my knee it feels like it was bruised, but there is no sign of bruising. Also, every time I bend and then straighten my knee, there is a pop. Please help me figure out what this might be, and if I should really go to a doctor, or if it is something very minor that I can take care of at home. Thanks for any sort of help!

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    Hi Christiana,

    I'm sorry about your knee! Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain.

    As another answer had stated, the muscle spasms could be a pinched or trapped nerve.

    I will tell you this: I hurt my knee back in April by twisting it and didn't think anything of it. But then, I noticed that my knee would pop or click every single time I'd bend and straighten my knee/leg. It felt like something was kind of getting caught and then releasing again. I went to an orthopedist and found out I had a meniscus tear. This is a possibility, but don't automatically assume this is what's wrong. The symptoms for a meniscus tear are pain located on either the outer or inner side of the knee, swelling that occurs 2-4 days after the injury, the inability to fully straighten the knee/leg, a giving our or buckling sensation, clicking or popping in the knee, and knee locking. My orthopedist told me that a menisus tear can cause popping because the tear can get caught in the joint space and then it pops when it's released. I'd give your knee no more than a couple days and if the popping doesn't go away or your knee gets worse, see an orthopedist (bone and joint doctor). They specialize in this area and will provide the most/best help. Skip the family doc or hospital if you can; they won't do much except maybe xray your knee and then send you on your way when it comes back fine showing no damage to the bones. Or if they think your knee needs further evaluation, they will refer you to an orthopedist anyway. So skip that step it you can, and see an orthopedist. Your orthopedist will ask what happened and what symptoms you're experiencing. He then will examine your knee by palpating (feeling) it and he may do some "hands-on" tests that just involve bending your knee and moving your leg around evaluating for possible injuries. An example of these is the McMurray's Test. This tests is used to evaluate for possible meniscus tears. Usually when there's pain or a popping or clicking, there's a good chance it's a meniscus tear. Based of off listening to your injury and symptoms and examining your knee, your orthopedist will have a good idea of possible injuries. You may be sent for an MRI. An MRI will show any damage to the soft tissues, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. You'll then meet back with your orthopedist to go over your results and discuss the best treatment for what's wrong.

    Definitely see an orthopedist if there's no improvement in a couple days.

    If you have any more questions about this or if you do get your knee checked out (which you should), feel free to email me at michellemullen5@yahoo.com. If you do have a meniscus tear (which I hope you don't) and want more info or have questions, shoot me an email since I have had experience with them. Ha :)

    Good luck with your knee! I hope it's not serious!

    Source(s): Knee injuries myself: I've torn my menisus twice and my MCL in the last three months and have had two arthroscopic knee surgeries.
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    you might have dislocated it for a moment. The sharp pain pulsing and spasms indicates a possible pinched nerve. You need to go see a doc and may need to have your leg set properly to relieve the pinched nerve.

    Sorry dude.

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