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Does different types of cannabis cause paranoia?

i first smoked pot when i was 14 and it was amazing and i felt high and giggly and happy etc. and i RARELY smoke it but when i do some of the times a get really paranoid as i'm 'monged out'/'stoned' and i just have a bad feeling that people are looking at me and thinking 'what is he doing honestly' and 'he looks embarrasing' etc, and it really upsets me and i end up going to sleep and leaving the atmosphere, but other times i've smoked it i've felt happy and giggly and talkative, i was just wondering what can cause the paranoia... is it the atmosphere? the type of weed? i just thought if i got some answers it might trigger something to stop the paranoia, i know its a very stupid thing to do but i do generally enjoy smoking it, its just the bad side-affects that i don't really enjoy would appreciate serious answers not 'don't smoke it its stupid' unless of course there may be nothing to stop the paranoia and it generally is my own head and i can't control it, would love some own experiences aswel? thankyou :)

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    Not all Cannabis is the same! Since inhalation of smoke from cannabis may irritate the mucous membranes, it is not a recommended form of administering cannabis; however it is the fastest delivery system.

    Did you know that THC is not the only or the most medicinal cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant? The genetic make-up of cannabis allows for a total of 30% of its mass to be cannabinoids. When one cannabinoid is present in a large quantity, the others must be present in smaller quantities to make up for the relative ratio.

    THC is the most well known cannabinoid to date, probably due it causing the psychoactive effect, the mind-altering effect, or “high”. It also may help treat wasting symptoms such as nausea and vomiting caused from HIV/cancer or many other associated conditions.

    The more THC in the strain of cannabis, the more you will feel the psychoactive effects.

    THC causes a wide range of effects ranging from peaceful to paranoid, which can slightly vary from person to person based on differing biochemistry. For the most part, the high felt is euphoric. THC by itself may cause paranoia and temporary psychosis, however, any sense of danger is strictly perceived harm, as THC does not affect primary brain stem functioning required to sustain life. Some recent investigations show that THC in low doses improves the effectiveness of other anti-nausea drugs when given together.

    On average, cannabis buds harvested and dried properly will contain approximately 15% THC. By selecting certain seeds or breeding cannabis plants, you can moderately alter this percentage, allowing you to obtain higher or lower levels of THC based on your needs.

    CBD (Cannabidiol)

    CBD is the second most researched of the cannabinoids. It is non-psychoactive and works in conjunction with THC. CBD increases your current mood and can make you more energetic. link to Fact Sheet for GW Pharmaceuticals drug called “SATIVEX”.

    Studies have suggested a wide range of possible therapeutic effects of cannabidiol on several conditions, diseases, and disorders; including inflammation, pain, anxiety, nausea, Multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, convulsions, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, and it may even help patients dealing with schizophrenia.

    CBD in conjunction with other cannabinoids such as THC, has been known to kill cancer cells without harming normal, healthy cells.

    Research by Pamela DeRosse, a scientist at Long Island’s Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, suggests that schizophrenia patients who smoked marijuana had faster brain processing speed, greater verbal ability and better memory than patients who didn’t smoke — not attributes usually associated with being high. The reason this works for patients with schizophrenia is that, although 9-THC can cause hallucinations and paranoia to be worse in schizophrenia patients, CBD has antipsychotic properties that counteract the ∆9-THC (,8599,200...

    CBN (Cannabinol)

    CBN increases the body high and gives off more of a mellow and dreamy analgesic effect which increases feelings like dizziness, grogginess, and disorientation. It has been found to slightly lower blood pressure and heart rate. Much like THC, increased amounts of CBN has been associated with increased feelings like anxiety, paranoia, and nervousness.

    High amounts of CBN should be avoided. We always recommend proper handling and storage. Cannabis is a medicine, let’s treat it as so!

    What does all this mean for a medical marijuana patient?

    Ask about how it was grown and ask to be shown the lab testing results which display the percentages of these cannabinoids.

    In regards to THC and CBD, some strains of cannabis may be right for you and some may not be, aim for Low THC and CBN with high CBD.

    Source(s): Knowledge is Power, Educate Yourself, Then help us free the cure!!! A Resource For The Dietary And Medicinal Study And Use Of Cannabis Cannabis International ~ Great site to learn more. Great article about juicing cannabis: ~ (Yes, This Really Works) Dr. William Courtney is pioneering the raw cannabis concept. Cannabidiol: The Wonder Drug of the 21st Century? Project CBD is a non-profit educational service dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical utility of cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the Cannabis plant. How THC & CBD work together:
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    No, it is not. Cannabis is fairly harmless and fun but should never be used by people with depression or people with a shaky self image. Depression is characterised by a lack of concentration and motivation and cannabis will make this much worse. I have seen many people with depression get themselves more deeply stuck into it through cannabis use. If you have any tendency to paranoia this will get much worse and if you ever feel like you are separated from others and looking on then you are in danger of a psychotic illness.

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    If you get paranoid it's probably because it's you maybe your nervous about getting caught or maybe you just feel nervous cuz the high is overwhelming just go with it and watch some tv play guitar or listen to some music and try to chill. As well you probably don't wanna hear this but I think you should either stop smoking weed or smoke weed rarely like once every few months or just less. Weed makes you think the people using you and your drug dealers are you friends, makes you continually waste your money, and if you continue using it you could get permanently high or go insane but those two are both possible. How do I know well this is coming from someone who smoked weed for 2-4 straight. The insanity might only of happened cuz of my family's genes mixed with the weed or my stress and combination of other drugs but it can happen. Peace and God bless.

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    I find sativas are more likely to freak you out a bit since it's mainly a head high. A good indica's high is quiet. You'll feel relaxed all over and when the body is relaxed, it can be hard for your brain to be stressing out. Anyways, I use sativas in the morning as a mental pick me up and I use indicas at night to relax, unwind, and sleep.

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    Pretty much all pot makes you paranoid. Sativa and indica have different affects, lots of different highs, but when it comes down to it you get paranoid no matter what. It also kinda depends on your mood when you smoke.

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    Yes all types of cannabis has paranoia as a side effect.

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    Matty i don't smoke it,but i know they all do my friend,i have seen is so many times.

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