Child Endangerment what to do?

My girlfriend has 3 year old twin girls. A few months ago she was home alone with them and put them to bed. She then went and laid in her bed which was the next room over. We normally put a gate up in front of their rooms but they have abandonment issues due to their real father leaving them in the middle of the night. So we were not putting it up till they actually went to sleep. She was laying down reading when she got up to a noise a pounding on the door and the lights of a cop car outside. It turns out that one of the girls got out of bed and pulled a chair up to the backdoor and unlatched the door and went outside. From what ive been told she was found in the neighbors yard with Bender our pet Pitbull. My girlfriend went outside to see that one of the girls was in the backseat of the police cruiser. The cop gave the girl back to the girlfriend and left. A week or so later she got a court summons for a charge of Child Endangerment.

She went to the first court date and waived her right to a speedy trial. Now tomorrow she has her next date and we are nervous as to what to expect. We cannot afford legal help and so far the legal aid that was appointed has been less than helpful. So now I turn my questions to you guys. What should we do should we bring the children to court with us to show the judge that they are fine and in good health and that this was just a accident. Or what we dont know what to do. A few other things she went to the police station and got the police report and the cops said they only pressed charges because they had to do something. Children services has came out and said that everything looked good and that after three years this is the first time he has seen her name so she must be doing a good job. And she has since completed the parenting classes that were recomended.

Thanks in advanced.

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    Three year olds can do some really scary stuff! I wouldn't worry since the CPS worker's report will show that there is no negligence or child endangerment issue. You can bring the children to court with you if you wish. But the fact that the child got up on a chair to open the back door is typical of toddler mischief. I'm sure you've put a lock up higher so she can't reach it. Parents can be quite surprised by things children are capable of. Everything will be okay.

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