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So my family owns a car in New York, my primary residence, which they do not really use so they are going to send me the car. I am currently living in Las Vegas for graduate school. In terms of registration, inspection, license, and license plates, what do I have to do? Do I have to get a new drivers license? Do I have to get new license plates? What happens if I don't register my car and keep everything as is (NY drivers license, NY Plates)?


Okay... Allow me to re-ask the questions:

1. I'm attending UNLV as an out-of-state graduate student. My primary residence is in New York. Do I need to apply for a NV drivers license? From what I understand, the answer is no, I do not need to have an NV drivers license. "Nevada Revised Statutes 482.103 and 483.141 "Resident" defined. The term does not include a person who is an actual tourist, an out-of-state student, a foreign exchange student, a border state employee or a seasonal resident."

2. Assuming I don't need to have a NV drivers license (as per the question/answer above), will I be allowed to register my car/get plates in NV without a NV drivers license? By having NYC plates, I have to get annual inspections in NYC... which i'm not going to drive back annually for.

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    Unless you are a student attending school away from home or are active duty military serving in Nevada but are domiciled in New York, you MUST get a Nevada license and Nevada tags for the car. You'll need the assigned title, a notarized bill of sale, and proof of insurance to title and register the car in Nevada. Any local DMV office can advise you of any additional requirements.

    Getting the Nevada license should be pretty straight-forward. You'll take the Nevada written test and eye test. They will then issue you a Nevada license and either void out your New York license or collect it and return it to New York.

    Once you have the Nevada tags, return the New York tags to New York BEFORE you cancel the New York insurance policy. New York is hard-core on uninsured vehicles and if you cancel the policy before returning the tags they may suspend your New York right to operate.

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