How do Jews attain salvation?

I have to do a World Religion Comparison chart for my history class and I need help! I'm not Christian or Jewish or Islamic so I literally have no idea what the answers are and my World history book gives little to no information on religion soooo please help me!!

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    According to the Christian doctrine of original sin, until Jesus, atonement for sins could only be received through a blood atonement offering at the altar of the Jerusalem Temple. Those (Jews and all Gentiles) who could not avail themselves of the atonement granted at the Jerusalem Temple's altar died by this sin, consigned to eternal punishment with no means of achieving atonement and heavenly blessings. Following Jesus' death, it is claimed, neither Jew nor Gentile could receive forgiveness of their sins without belief in him as savior from sin. Indeed, if what Christianity says is true billions of people since then have also suffered the same fate, unaware of Jesus as their "savior" or that there was even a need to be "saved." According to this rationalization, God created humankind with free will and the ability to sin then demanded superlative perfection from this imperfect being that He created. Then God took on the guise of humanity in the form of Jesus in order to rescue His imperfect creation. But, in the process consigned billions of lost souls before and after the advent of Jesus to eternal punishment for not knowing of Jesus and accepting the "grace" he allegedly provided. Billions of people, Christian doctrine teaches, have gone to eternal damnation for not accepting what they did not know about!

    Some Christian commentators explain, "he [Jesus] went and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison" (1 Peter 3:19) as meaning that Jesus, between his death and supposed resurrection, descended into Hell and offered to those who lived before Noah (verse 20) a second chance for salvation. But, this is a doctrine that is without even New Testament support. The eternal damnation of billions of men, women, and children who whether living before or after Jesus never heard of the claim that there is no forgiveness of sin outside of belief in Jesus is the summation of the Christian doctrines of original sin. Is this the Christian understanding of a just and righteous God who is also compassionate?

    Jews do not believe in the doctrine of original sin. This is a Christian belief based on Paul's statement, "Therefore just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned" (Romans 5:12). The doctrine was fully developed by the church father, Augustine of Hippo (354-430).

    According to this doctrine, hereditary sinfulness is inescapably transmitted to human beings by their parents, starting with Adam and Eve. It is alleged that only acceptance of Jesus as savior from sin can redeem a person from sin. All those who do not accept Jesus as their savior from sin are condemned to eternal suffering in hell.

    Whether man is a sinner by nature or not is immaterial. Judaism teaches the biblical way to repentance and reconciliation with God. Sincere repentance in which the sinner pledges to rectify his sinful ways and lead a righteous life is one means that is open at all times to all of humanity (Jonah 3:5-10, Daniel 4:27). God counsels Cain, "Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen? If you do good [that is, change your ways], will it not be lifted up [that is, you will be forgiven]. But if you do not do good, sin rests at the door; and it desires you, but you may rule over it" (Genesis 4:6-7). God informs Cain that repentance and subsequent forgiveness are always open to him. The remedy for sin is clear. Biblically, God's loving-kindness depends on right conduct and extends to all humanity.

    Unlike many other religions Judaism is not out to convert the world. We believe strongly in our path as the best way to be in communion with God and to bring about a perfect world. For Judaism, salvation is really a goal that is ultimately to be realized in this world rather than in a heavenly realm. Our prayers and teachings do speak of the aspiration that all peoples will come to recognize Judaism and our God as the one true God and religion. To some degree that's been achieved through the success of Christianity and Islam, religions built on the basic foundations of Judaism. Nevertheless, it is our hope and belief that one person at a time, all will come to realize that Judaism is the best and most direct path to relationship with God and the establishment of heaven on earth. Rabbi Ari Vernon


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    Jewish answer: there is no hell, there is no eternal torment. There is nothing to be "saved" from. The Jewish Messiah will NOT be a savior, will not be divine and will not be worshiped.

    there are many views because the afterlife isn't described in Judaism. Most Jews don't focus on the afterlife, we let G-d worry about that. Jews focus on the here-and-now: keeping G-d's commandments, studying Torah, caring for others and helping to repair the world.

    Some Jews believe that when someone dies and they are righteous, we go to join G-d immediately. If we aren't righteous they spend a short time away from G-d.

    Some Jews believe that we enter a sleep-like state until the Messiah/Messianic age and then join in the new world to come.

    Some Jews believe in reincarnation until the Messiah/Messianic age or until one becomes righteous enough to join G-d.

    Jews do NOT believe in an eternal torment/hell. That would not be part of the righteous plan of a loving G-d. There is NO discussion or description of “hell” in the Jewish Tanakh. Some believe the utmost in evil souls simply cease to exist

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    I am Jewish. According to Judaism both Jews and Gentiles can go to heaven if they follow the laws of Noah.Salvation is a Christian idea not Jewish

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    Jews do not believe in "salvation" in the way that Christians do.

    Jews do not believe that we are "dammed" or that an "eternal hell" exist, from which people need to be saved.

    Jews believe that we are all born spiritually pure and that we are defined by our actions.

    Anyone who does good deeds has a share in the world to come. And if we mess up, we can always repent. And we are defined by the sum of our actions. So, it is not necessarily "one sin and you're out."

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    there is no salvation in judaism. christianity is a greek salvation mystery religion in a jewish disguise, and islam is a copy of christianity with most of the greek taken out so it would look more semitic.

    jews strive to live a righteous life to gain a place in the world to come. they don't get saved, those who are not righteous simply cease to exist. no eternal hellfire, no golden city where you worship the savior forever, no greek theology at all.

  • One Christian answer: Abandon Judaism and convert to Christianity.

    A different Christian answer: We've decided that 'chosen' means they get a free pass.

    Jewish answer: What is there to be saved from?

    Source(s): Geek answer from study of the historical development of religions in the Hellenic sphere, circa 5th cen BCE - 4th cen CE: Christianity got their concept of 'salvation' from Hellenic salvation religions which were very popular at the time. Such religions typically appropriated an 'eastern' (non-Greek or Roman) deity and adapted him as needed to fit the dying/returning saviour deity paradigm. In other words, you're right to be confused. Maybe the best answer to give is something along the lines of 'Judaism doesn't teach that there's a need for salvation.'
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    There are missionaries who say Jews can't be "saved" today because we can't bring sacrifices. #1 we don't need to be saved. #2 sacrifices are not necessary to be "right" with G-d. If they were then what did the Jews do for 400 years when they were slaves in Egypt and couldn't bring sacrifices? What did the Jews in exile in Babylon for 70 years do without sacrifices (this includes Daniel of the "Book of Daniel" fame. . . How about the Jews who left Egypt and wandered their way to Mount Sinai without sacrifices?

    It is only missionaries who have the mistaken idea that you have to have sacrifices to be "right" with G-d. The Jewish bible totally disagrees! Missionaries seem to love the prophet Isaiah (at least chapter 53). Do you suppose they ever bothered to read chapter 1 of the book of Isaiah? I quote:

    “What use to Me is the huge number of your sacrifices?” HaShem says—“I am fed up with 'olah (burnt)-offerings of rams and the offals of fattened calves, and the blood of oxen, lambs and goats does not give Me pleasure. When you come to appear before Me—who asked this of you, to come trampling through My courtyards?

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    Jews can attain salvation by living a virtuous life as it is known to them from the precepts of their faith and following their conscience.

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    The nation of Israel used to offer sacrifices once a year to atone for the sins of the nation. This is carried out by the high priest of the Jewish temple. Right now they have no temple to carry out these sacrifices but there is a longing for the temple to be rebuilt.

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    A video that may help answer some of your question

    @peanut thanks that video is very informative it goes beyond the one I linked.

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    Jews don't NEED salvation.

    What is there to be saved from?

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    Christians believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It's about overcoming human nature and becoming Christ like. I'm unsure about Jews, and not to sure on Islam.

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