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swcmdm asked in SportsOlympics · 8 years ago

How does the IOC choose the host cities for the Olympics?

What are like the requirements for a city to host the olympics and how do they choose?

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    I recently read 'Inside the Olympics' by former IOC member Dick Pound. Pound wrote that there is a large portion of the vote for host cities based on technical merit: arenas, hotels, airport, transportation, security, financial stability, etc. Then the IOC members (are supposed to) vote based on their visits to candidate cities. They are to evaluate each city's ability to host the Olympics and Paralympics. Somehow these components are combined and, from behind the secret curtain, the new host city emerges.

    Pound implies that the recent addition of technical merit was done to provide some objectivity, a refreshing change from the way they used to be. The IOC definitely was, and to some extent remains, an old boys club. That meshes with what David Maraniss, author of 'Rome 1960' said at a book talk I attended. He said that when Avery Brundage was IOC president and you wanted to host the Olympics, you needed "the three B's: booze, broads, and bucks." Brundage enjoyed expensive alcohol, expected handouts, and was an unrepentant womanizer. Somehow he managed to carry on multiple affairs while married and fathering two children with his Scandinavian mistress.

    I suspect that going forward, financial stability will play a larger role. Madrid is in the running for the 2020 Olympics, but because of their financial woes, they may be forced to do a lot of unpopular things to remain in the Euro. Spending billions during that time won't go over well. Usually such practical reasoning carries no weight with the IOC, but this is about money. They just might sit up straight and listen to this.

    Source(s): I'm an Olympics junkie.
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    While the answer above received some negative votes, I'm afraid that bribery is indeed a major factor. Large scandals involving the IOC, the sports associations, and the Salt Lake Organizing Committee came to light after the Salt Lake winter Olympics.

    I would add that not all of the bribes were in the form of money. For example, there were allegations that in order to have the sports associations vote for Salt Lake, the families of those heading those groups were promised free tickets, lodging, and travel to the games.

    That may well have played a role in London, as the empty-arena controversy involved many association officials who had tickets, but did not attend.

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    8 years ago

    Through bribery.

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