can your underage consumption charges get dimissed in a review hearing?

Like i got a underage consumption charge (misdeamenaor) and went to court payed my court cost and the judge gave me 20 hours community service and attend 4 AA meeting and gave me august 15th to finish it and return to court for a review hearing i completed it superfast and my PO said i didnt have to pay no probation fees, i actually got money back from the probation office since i finish it so fast and she put me on unsupervised, my question is since i finished my conditions and payed everything could my case be dimissed when i go back to court for my review hearing?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Drizzle: You don't quote the exact wording of your conviction and sentencing orders which is what is needed to answer your question. It is moderately important to read your court orders.

  • 4 years ago

    It's as much as the decide and what the law states at any place you are as to what will occur to you. As for them simply "banging down the door", you had been upstairs and don't know for distinct what occurred downstairs when they came to the door. If they noticed a violation of the regulation by means of the open door, they then had a authorized correct (based on the U.S. Supreme courtroom use of proof in "simple view") to enter the residence. And in the event that they stored seeing more and more violations (i.E. - underage drinkers), they'd preserve looking. Their proof: underage CONSUMPTION simply implies that you consumed alcohol, not that you just were drunk or intoxicated. Whether or not you were falling down under the influence of alcohol, just had a beer can in your hand, or just had a smell of alcohol to your breath, that is frequently ample to cost you with it. For those who say they officers most often won't show up in courtroom, that's a load of crap. Certain, once in a exceptional whilst, anything will make an officer leave out court. However the huge majority of the time, they're going to be there, for two primary reasons. In the event that they ought to do it on their day without work, they get paid overtime to be there (extra money for them), and most departments will take inner disciplinary motion if an officer simply would not exhibit up, except the officer has a relatively good reason. My advice is to get a attorney, or attempt to speak to the public defender forward of time. Try to organize for some community carrier or a small fine if you go forward and plead guilty. But if you want to battle it, go forward. There is normally at least a threat you could win, however the punishment is more often than not somewhat more challenging than should you plead guilty. Both method, for a couple of minor violations, I doubt the judge offers you a really harsh punishment. And concerning the one man or woman who said juvenile files are sealed and do not fear about it: 18 is an adult. You misplaced your last threat at a free pass in your last birthday.

  • 8 years ago

    that is l;ike saying can an armed robber wipe the slate clean after he has served his 10 years in prison


  • 8 years ago


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