What can I do about my little brother?

My little brother (14) has a very obvious anger problem. He will go into fits of rage over things like his Xbox. He has threatened my mother, my sister, and even me by saying he will kill us, shoot us in our sleep, or stab us. He has pulled a knife on my mother before. He will call us "stupid bitches" "fat bitches"...*****, *****, whore, whore....etc. He has pummeled my sister to the point where her entire shoulder and arm were bruised and sore for nearly a week. He has hit me as well.

His first major indecent was before Christmas, my mother told him if he didn't change his behavior he wouldn't get the Xbox, he flipped out and literally flipped our dining room table, breaking glass and just making a mess. We (my sister and I) cleaned it up. My brother came out of his room again and tried to play innocent and act like he did nothing. When he demanded that he get the game system, our mother said no so he trashed our living room. Flipping the table in there, dumping the trash and such...and after all that, he still got the Xbox.

Today, he got angry because he wasn't allowed to play his Xbox. I told my sister to lock herself in her room because I know how he gets hen he's angry. I go into the kitchen (he's in the dining room) and next thing I know, I have something flying towards my face. It hit my cheekbone. I looked up at him and all he had to say was "that's what you get *****!" I told him i was calling the police and went to grab the phone off the table, but he grabbed it from me. The back panel to the battery compartment was still in my hand and I lost my temper and chucked it at him, it him in his face. I then went and locked myself in my room and called my mother and step father telling them they needed to get home to deal with their son or I'd call the police.

My step father gets home, and was more angry at me because I made his son bleed. (The little piece of plastic cut him...) He didn't care that I had been hit or that he was cursing at my sister and I, but only that his son had been hurt.

Like usual, he wasn't punished. I left the house in anger to come back later finding that my parents had not done a damn thing but instead actually let him go outside to play.

Now, I am 20 year old and I cannot do anything about this. I have already been told if I lay my hands on my brother I will have the police called on me, yet my brother continues to treat the woman of the house like **** and my mother and step father have refused to get him any help. They say he doesn't need any help or "hey's just being a typical boy"....

I've talked to my step father before and he seems to think that it's our fault because we don't include him in anything we do (which is a lie) or that it's our fault because we instigate his anger (like we deserve it!)

I don't know what to do. I don't want to have my 15 year old sister hurt even more by him, especially when we can do nothing back because we get in trouble for defending ourselves. (Since he's the younger and smaller of us all). I don;t want this to get to the point where someone ends up in the hospital or worse.

Should I go to the police? Or make a report with child services or something? My brother desperately needs anger management, but then only way he'll get it is if someone forces my parents to do so. :'(

This is our living and dining room after his first episode.




Steph-That's def my goal.

Rachel-Thank's for the advice. I def don't want to see my sister put into foster care.

Airsoft-Great idea except I def don't wanna go to prison and moving out would not help my sister since I'm basically her only shield.

Update 2:

Thanks for all the advice. This has been so emotionally draining and I just needed to have it said.

Update 3:

Tim-I'm actually his older sister, not his brother, but it's okay.

And I've tried talking to him, I've tried talking to my parents.

I do believe my sister needs to step up, but I also understand her fear.

Update 4:

The tree was up because that was before Christmas...lol

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  • 8 years ago
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    Since you're an adult, you can report it to child services, as child endangerment for your sister. He is a threat to her well being. The problems with that are 1) she could be put in Foster care 2) they may not do anything.

    I'm not sure how much the police would do, considering he is a minor, but they might require him to go through anger management. I think they would do something because he is abusing and harassing your family, especially your little sister. I think that no matter what, you need to take this to someone outside of the family, seeing as your family won't step in. Whether it be a counselor, the police or child services, someone needs to step in for both your family and his sake. As he gets older, this could escalate, and he could end up actually killing someone. He needs help.

    If you actually think he might kill you, you for sure need to do something and soon.

    I am so sorry you are in this situation.

    I pray all things work out for the best of everyone and that there are no more injuries

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  • 8 years ago

    Wow this is NOT normal! if something like this happens again i would just call the police even if it means your parents will punish you. Maybe the police will find him help. I would also get your parents to view this page (well maybe not but its a good try). but him playing outside with other kids will help. i sounds like he needs to be more social. but getting the police involved isn't a bad idea. encourage your sister to go to her school councilor. they are the best people to go to for family issues because its hard to find people who will listen and do something about it. It has happened to me and i went to the councilor. I don't remember what they did since it was like 6 years ago but i think they contacted someone about an unsafe home environment (of course it was my mother who was hurting me) and a social worker came over to just talk to the family. there was no further investigation because i didn't think it was necessary i just wanted my mom to realize that what she was doing to me was not normal and was wrong. she did realize it and was scared so she stopped.

    Source(s): I really hope this helps good luck
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think you need to talk your parents about this. Why are they not doing anything about this demon child? He needs some serious therapy. He could seriously have something wrong with him in the head. If you could get your sister and yourself out of that situation, then do so. Stay with family or friends. This is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. I wish the best for you

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  • 6 years ago

    I completely agree; that little brat of a brother sounds like he's already in dire need of some serious professional help...and your parents (especially your useless stepdad) are the ones who have spoiled the **** out of him. Your bratty *** brother sounds very much like a psychopath, so I highly suggest that you call the cops on him...and if your parents get mad at you again, then let them; you need to protect yourself as much as your sister needs to protect herself. Good luck!

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  • 8 years ago

    Start calling the cops talk to your mom teach him a lesson with a baseball bat your 20 move out .


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  • why do you still have your Christmas tree up?

    Yes I would definitely call children's services to help them specifically with his anger issues!

    If this incident was before christmas then that was awhile ago.. perhaps you should wait for the the next of his outbreaks to occur, then call.

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  • 8 years ago

    The little creep needs consistent and severe consequences for his behavior. To put it simply, he needs a good f**king beat down himself. But his parents suck at parenting him. Dismissing behavior (like what his parents do) is why he is the way he is. I think your sister should defend herself at any cost. Being yelled at, or being punished, needs to be something your sister can overlook. She needs to put her foot down, then maybe the parents will follow suit.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I swear, I'm fourteen, and my story is the exact opposite of this. Your brother is messed up, definitely. The kid needs somebody to tell him what's up. And I think you're the one. Be his older brother. Don't be mean, but let him know he's wrong, and if he freaks out, well, as a fellow fourteen year old, I give you the permission to get physical. Could you answer my question now? Seriously, it freaks me out how so completely opposite this question is to mine.


    Source(s): I don't have any older brothers who have helped me with anything in life. All they do is put me down. PLEASE don't be like them.
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  • 8 years ago

    Dang... Get him into therapy

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Beat him into submission.

    Source(s): Works every time.
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