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Safe for 7 month old baby to have 2 tsp Claritin daily?

I took my daughter to the pediatrician for cold symptoms to make sure everything was okay with her and he told me to give her 2 teaspoons of Claritin daily.....he has told me 1 tsp before and I did give it to her and I only gave her 1 tonight. I asked him this exact question "The children's Claritin says 24 hours so is it safe to give her 2 tsp?". The label on the box does not give instructions for under 2 and for a 2 year old prescribes 1 tsp. A 2 year old weighs a lot more than a 7 month old and they are only supposed to get 1 tsp. Can someone please give me some valid input on this?? I think I will call the pharmacy for a 2nd opinion but I would like to know what others think or if anyone else has had this happen to them.


Pharmacy # 1 said that that I can cut the dose if I like but Claritin is a very safe medication that doesn't hurt or interfere with a child's health or growth.

Pharmacy # 2 who had an answer much faster for me said that he would only give 2.5ml once a day. But he didn't really do any research because he was back on the phone with me in less than 60 seconds and the Pharmacy # 1 guy had me on hold for like 5 minutes or more.

So again, no clear answer......

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    2 tsp of claritin liquid is the standard adult dose. The standard children's dose is 1 teaspoon.

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    My son is 8 months old and weighed 21 pounds friday when he went to the Dr. He weighed 24 when I took him at 6 and a half months (He is crawling alot and is actually faster than my 3 year old nephew when he's running through the house) He has allergies pretty rough and they told me 1 tsp for him daily, preferably at night since it typically makes kids sleepy but he's like me and has an adverse reaction and will be up 8 hours straight when I give it to him so he get's it in the morning. I would call another Dr's office and talk to the pharmacists because it sounds like you would be giving her too much.

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    WOW! I cannot believe a few of these answers!!!! So long as youngster is not pulling up it is little legs and crying or straining it's good enough if it does now not go everyday! In point of fact it is perfectly normal for some infants to only have 1 bowel motion per week! I breastfeed my youngster and there has been a lot of days the place he didn't have a BM. I looked it up on the web, read my "Your youngster's First 12 months For Dummies" publication and requested my pediatrician. ALL OF THEM said it's flawlessly typical! Again, as long as it is not bothersome to baby it's good enough!

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    Since you're uncomfortable with the dosage the pediatrician prescribed, please call the pharmacist. They're there to answer your questions. Trust in what the pharmacist tells you. I've had to call my pharmacist more than once, for advice, & will do it again, when I'm in doubt about a medicine. When in doubt, it's always best to get a second opinion. I hope your baby feels better real soon. ☺

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