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Who else thinks Patrick Ewings looks like Biz Markie?



Update 2:

Eric- I disagree, I put Ewing's name first since his name is the one relevant to the section we're in. That's just my logic.

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  • Eric B
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    8 years ago
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    TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, you have the aforementioned gent's names reversed.

    1. Patrick Ewing is 50 years old.

    2. Marcel Theo Hall (aka ''Biz Markie) is 48 years old.

    3. When comparing two men's facial similarities, the older man gets to BE compared to, just an FYI.

    4. The gentlemen's name order here in Yahoo! Answers is immaterial because in American Standard English, the aforementioned rule outweighs any rule by Yahoo! Answers. Coincidentally Yahoo! does not stipulate such a rule, as you have assumed.


    If one were to assume they looked similar in facial appearance and, like you, wanted to pose a Yahoo! Answers question, it SHOULD read:

    Revised Question: "Who else thinks Marcel Theo Hall looks like Patrick Ewing?"

    There you have it.

    Source(s): Rational Thought.
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  • 8 years ago

    WHAT?!?! Biz looks more of a gorilla. But i can see how you can get them mixed up

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  • 8 years ago got what I need...cuz he said he is just a friend...cuz he said he just a friend...Oh baby you...

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