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I am a Canadian with dual citizenship so I have Canadian and American citizenship, Anyways I served in the Canadian armed forces for 5 years and the CSOR for 2 years, Well I am 27 so I am still pretty young so I was wondering If it would be possible to join the FBI HRT, I know I would have to be a special agent first, Then there is a 50/50 chance of being promoted to HRT, Anyways I have every requirement on the website it has listed except for 1, It says 4 years of college or 3 years of Military / Legal work, Well I was in the CSOR for 2 years, Would they accept me if I haven\t served in the American army? Will it be a problem that I was in CSOR for 2 years? Will I qualify?? Thanks!

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    7 years ago
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    HRT is not a promotion, it is an assignment in addition to yor regular job. You get lots of training but it is not a permanent assignment nor a promotion. You get no extra pay, you do get a larger car with lots of extra specialized equipment that you are responsible for.

    Not college or military/experience but college and some type of experience. No substitutions.

    From their recruitment web site (FAQ)

    3. Is there waiver of the four-year degree if an applicant has military service?

    No. All applicants must have a four-year degree when applying for the Special Agent position.

    16. I am a citizen of another country. May I apply?

    No. ......................... If you are a U.S. citizen and hold dual citizenship with another country, the FBI Security Division will have to review your file to make a determination if you are eligible for employment with the FBI.

    So along with touting all you have done try reading all of the web site instead of gathering information from fiction.

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    Of corse U can & it will work.OK? Good Luck

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