i wished my ex a happy bday and his responce was.... boys does this mean anything...ty!?

we havent talked in a GOOD WHILE.

he didnt rememeber my bday but.......

but today was his bday & i just sent him " happ bday ____ "

and he replied " awww you remembered.. thanks love (: "

i said "youre welcome" he replied " (: "

do you think that mightve touched his heart?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I honestly don't know what I would send a response like that if I didn't still have feelings for someone. If I didn't like somebody like that anymore I would stay far away from the word "love" to avoid confusion.

    However, if I was interested still, I would try to find ways to express it without completely coming out and saying "I still love you!". Adding "love" to my text would be my subtle hint that I could send without setting myself up for embarrassment, but to express possible interest.

    Although you may not realize it, the extra smiley he sent you: "(:" is another indicator. Typically in a completely platonic relationship without any thought of romantic interest, a conversation would end with "you're welcome". When someone says "you're welcome", it doesn't warrant a response back. So when he sends you a smiley, he likely did not want the conversation to just end there because he misses you.

    If you still like him, it's OK you didn't send anything back after the smiley. He won't be surprised, as a smiley warrants even less of a response than "you're welcome", but he was probably hoping the conversation could keep going.

    I would put about 70-80%% confidence in my answer for you, so you can make your decision based off of that. I could be completely wrong, but I don't think I am. You should shoot him a text sometime, or give him a call.

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  • 4 years ago

    Does the ex be aware of you are nonetheless fb neighbors along with his son? Does the son put up for your fb page? Would the ex be ok with that? Except you are nonetheless pals with the ex, then it's time to transfer on. No factor in complicated the baby. You may even keep in mind casting off him as a fb buddy. If his emotions are harm he will go to his dad, as he must. And his dad will provide an explanation for the difficulty. Suppose about it if roles have been reversed. Should you had a child and an ex despatched fb messages, how would you consider? Comes off as sort of creepy, would not it?

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  • 8 years ago

    Its nothing special just a thank you. Don't get crazy & fall for him again.

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  • 8 years ago

    He still thinks highly of you that's for sure

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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    it make it seems as if he wants you back, or wants to be friends again... Hit him up sometime.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yess i think so:)

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