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Did you know Comrade Obama is an American...?

Communist Frank Marshall Davis is his real father.

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Doesn't this just go to show that Americans don't support obama but the communist/socialist Americans do?

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    According to our Constitution, Congress and the President have joint responsibility for the budget. Thus, both Bush and his Congress are jointly responsible for the Bush Meltdown because they doubled the debt with the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq invasion, the unfunded drug benefit, and deregulation of Wall Street.

    But without Congress, the President is powerless to improve the economy and has no responsibility for unemployment. The filibuster has stopped Obama from day 1. Of all the Senate filibusters in the last 90 years, almost 20% have been used by Republicans against Obama. In 2009, a watered-down stimulus passed with the votes of only three Republican Senators. Dozens of administrative posts have been denied confirmation, including the appointment of a Nobel Laureate. Congress has rejected every budget he presented.

    Obama’s spending spree is a myth. As a percentage of total federal spending, discretionary spending was lower in 2011 than in any year in US history. (…(http://w...

    Obama’s taxing spree is a myth. Taxes on the wealthy are the lowest in 80 years. We now have the lowest tax rate in 30 years.

    The deficit is entirely due to the Bush Meltdown: imploding tax revenue and exploding, mandatory recovery costs beyond Obama’s responsibility. Our deficit, our debt, and our depression are all Republican.

    The healthcare bill takes effect in 2014 and has had no effect upon the economy. The only other spending bills signed by Obama were the stimulus and the auto bailout, which turned a GDP decline into growth at a rate of $1T per year for the first 2 years. Resulting tax revenue increases, relief benefit declines, and infrastructure improvements have largely paid for the stimulus.

    The current money supply in circulation (M2) is about $10T. Since the stimulus was enacted, we have exported over $1T due to the trade deficit. Without the stimulus and other programs adding over $1T to M2, we would now have over 10% less money in circulation. We would be faced with 1932 deflation and 25% unemployment, three times our current level. The stimulus saved over 20 million jobs.

    The stimulus paid over $110B to construction workers, $11B to scientists doing research and development crucial to our future, and restored our auto industry. Much more could have been done if Republican governors had used grants for the intended purpose. Instead of fixing school roofs, Texas Governor Perry used stimulus funds to pay debts caused by tax cuts.

    The stimulus should have been three times larger to make up for the huge drop in consumer spending caused by the Bush Meltdown. By opposing the stimulus and by limiting the spending on infrastructure, conservatives prevented a speedy recovery so that they could blame Obama for unemployment. They lowered the tax revenue, increased the debt problem, and put us behind China in the race to modernize infrastructure, the basis of military strength and security.

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  • 3 years ago

    properly seeing as how i'm an American citizen and seeing as how I actually were on the paranormal secret excursion global jointly with Obama has (tho in a lot extra cramped quarters), i'd say that i'm an conceited American. Obama isn't. he's a weak chief who thinks as an conceited chief yet does no longer truly act on his conceitedness. Hussein will be shown to be the worst aspect to ensue to us of a because the Carter days.

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  • 8 years ago

    Your nuts !!! I am not a Communist and you wouldn't know a Communist if you sat right next to one. Propaganda is really a disgrace against the President of the United States. Your Propaganda stinks. Now go throw up on your momma's bed. I resent you calling me a Communist.

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  • 8 years ago

    the fact that your evidence is coming from youtube is more than dissapointing

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    8 years ago

    Maury Povich paternity test or it didn't happen.

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