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Is it even possible for me to move to Kauai and raise a family?

I'm going to be a senior in high school and I know I want to be either and electrical, civil, aeronautical, or molecular engineering in college. Are there any jobs in Kaua'i for any of those degrees? Even if I did get a good job there, are there even any houses big enough to raise a family that I'd be able to afford? Or is everyone who lives there descendants of original inhabitants and settlers? Aren't all the houses there at least a million dollars? I feel like it's too go to be true that a middle-class family from the mainland could come to Kauai and live there for the rest of their lives completely happy. Wouldn't everyone move there then? Is it pretty much impossible to move and live there for middleclass families? How did white (non-Native Hawaiian) families like Bethany Hamilton's family live and propser there? I would love to live on Kauai so much...I live in Wisconsin and I get so depressed in the winters...and the summers are nice but there is nothing to do and nothing to marvel at..just flat land and a lot of cars. I'm sick of living a very suburban/city life and I would love to immerse myself in a new culture...And if I did move there would the locals think I'm just an annoying touristy mainlander that won't last past a year? I don't want to give off that "touristy" vibe. I understand and when living in Hawaii, you don't surf and go to the beach all the time and it's not always going to seem like "paradise" and there are a lot of disadvantages to the mainland life, like shipping. But the lifestyle there is still so much more appealing to me after living in Wisconsin all my life. So is it possible for me?

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    Anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

    Hawaiian life is a little more difficult than one imagines. It has it's poverty and a good portion of the popuulation lives it unless they have a good job. Mostly, especially on the neighbor islands, the industry is more agricultural...and rich farmers are a rare breed.

    Keep in mind that all islands have a dry side and a wet side due to trade winds. Most resorts and the more expensive houses and land are also on the dry side. People move to or visit Hawaii for the homes in the not-so-sunny areas are more affordable, with the exception of Kauai where homes in the wetter Hanalei area are the most pricey. The wet side however, is more lush...more vegetation and more waterfalls...and it doesn't really rain ALL the time...just more than the other side. Maui on the other hand, seems to be less expensive in the Hana area...with a recent 2 bed, 1 bath home on 2 acres going for $250K. Another good recent sale was for 2 acres of raw land with an excellent house site, for $125K.... Of course, location is the key. The Big Island seems to have even more and better deals than that...with some acres going for as little as $15K-$20K...

    Oahu of course, is expensive because it is the hub. Honolulu...the big city...and crowded with traffic...

    Lanai just got bought by a billionaire...for about $550 million.

    Molokai is sleepy and not much to do other than raise cattle.

    For your interests in aeronautical stuff...check out either The Big Island or Maui for the observatories. The Hawaiian skies at night are the absolute best in the world for astronomy atop 10,000 (Maui) and 12,000 (Big Island) foot elevation volcanoes...

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    I am 24, and i have lived in a steady loved ones my entire life. I are not able to say my family is ideal, but my mom and dad certainly not fight, they've been collectively since 1981, and we perpetually had adequate cash to make ends' meet, not in debt like so many folks earlier than. And my dad and mom have constantly had adequate money to feed my sister and i. It is not handy, on the other hand, what is? You must make your possess selections. I are not able to make a decision for you. Having a household is a tremendous accountability. I might say get your existence so as before you come to a decision you are equipped to have a family. However the fantastic thing about the usa is you can do anything you want to do in case you put your mind to it.

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    Try contacting the human resources department of the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC). It is headquartered in Lihue, Kauai. KIUC is aggressively pursuing diversification of its energy portfolio to include a growing percentage of hydropower, photovoltaic, bio-fuel, and biomass. There won't be a whole lot of local competition for those positions so you just might have a chance.

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