Kenny Dalglish vs Steven Gerrard?

forget Kennys managing this is purely about who was (or is) the better player


Dont forget that Kenny had much better players around him.

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    9 years ago
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    Forget Kenny Managing ?

    I would if he had a poor record as manager of LFC but the truth is hes remembered for BOTH - his playing days and his managerial days, he took over half way in 2010/11 and steered away from a relegaton zone to giving us an outside chance for 4th and a respectable position in the table.

    then in his first full season - he could be forgiven for the team misfiring on all fronts and he manages to land the club a trophy from two domestic cup finals.

    prior to that 20 odd years ago , care to remind us all what he was like as Manager of Liverpool ?

    the 20+ years was too big a gap in time for him to come back and work miracles instantly in 1 1/2 years at LFC imo.

    if we had been patient enough for another two or three seasons and IF he was sure the board and the owners were backing him 110% and willing to excuse the team failing to finish top 4 (which they were not willing to btw , so they must have told him the bare minimum requirements for last season was a top 4 finish and a trophy) then he could have done okay.

    He only came back cos fans chanted his name out a few times - when it was going pear-shaped for Roy Hodgson.

    Roy is best suited to Serie A or Germany imo - because the EPL is all about attacking free flowing fast paced football, he tried to turn us into a boring team that was also very difficult to beat.

    Thats not the LFC way and its never been the LFC way we like to encourage players to pass and move and express themselves and when it comes to defending - use common sense lol

    when we started doing so poorly the media and critics gave us a bashing and Roy was unable to turn fortunes around - were being described as a hoofball team or just a very mediocre mid-table team, that had a negative effect imo on the players themselves and dare I say it, they probably let it affect them in a way that they never thought it could affect them - they began to BELIEVE they wre playing for some mid-table club.

    when that happens the mentality and attitude will change.

    the players now need to learn how to play even better as a unit, as a team and collective and figure each other out like a book - i mean, they need to be more than just fecking 'teamates' they need to be best pals etc

    much the way the United players have been Fergies reign (Giggs, Neville, Beckham, Scholes....Giggs and Cantona had a 'telepathic understanding' heh).

    Look at Messi and Fabregas today - those two when they play together carry the rest of the fecking team on their shoulders and each others presence further lifts them to perform fearlessly and artisticaly almost at will - they believe they can breach anything by working together on a football pitch.

    I remember Barnes - Beardsley and Aldridge was a phenomenaly good trio, the three of them were complimented each others playing style and thats what you need to kinda create in a good team, little mini duos and trios that when playing together produce special things.

    Gerrard - Alonso and Torres was the most recent one we've had imo.

    Dalglish will always be the bigger name associated with LFC - no disrespect to Ste' G.

    I expect big things this year from Suarez and Carrol and hopefully more from the likes of Downing and Henderson.

    Then of course i cant wait to see Gerrard and Lucas playing again - we've simply missed Lucas too much, his not being there clearly showed the class that was missing in our team imo. Hes world class and we're fortunate he still wants to play for the Pool - how we've still hung on to him and Suarez is a success story of its own imo.

    Aurelio is still with us too - so there are positives dont get me wrong.

    we got guys like Johnson who I think had an okay Euros tourny - and im hoping will have his best season yet in a red shirt this season - and fingers crossed, Raheem Sterling features heavily in our drive for success this year - and that the new signings also shine.

    we can only improve I say - god forbid if we finish one position lower than last season and end up 9th lol

    : ))

    BUT - im positive we'll do the double of the Manc B45tards and have some say in whether they'll win something this season ^_^


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    Kenny Dalglish is a legend at Liverpool but was never the one fit for the manager role.

  • Monny
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    9 years ago

    In my lifetime Kenny, Craig Johnston, John Wark, Mark Walters, Patrik Berger, Ronnie Whelan, Sammy Lee, Jimmy Case and Terry McDermott were all better !


  • Ash F
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    9 years ago

    Dalglish. All the Liverpool fans I know so he's the best player they've ever had hence the name 'King Kenny'.

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  • I'm sure Stevie G himself would not want to be compared to the King.

    Both legends, loved by the fans.

    Both gave everything won trophies and will always will be Liverpool hero's.

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    9 years ago

    king kenny

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