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HELP!Senegal Chameleon?

I'm getting a Senegal chameleon. I'm putting it in an Exo-terra glass tank. I know the need a screen tank but the Exo-terra is all i have. How do you tell the difference between male and female?

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    senegals can be quite hard to sex, and if young, downright impossible! here is an artical i found that may help:

    "Females are typically a uniform green or brownish green but may exhibit a striking pattern of yellow or orange dots on a black or dark brown background when gravid. Males tend to have more gray and brown, often arranged in 4 roughly triangular blotches, widest toward the dorsum and more pointed toward the ventrum. The interstitial skin of the gular region is often orange. Aside from the subtle color differences mentioned above, males exhibit a broader tail base."

    really, the only differences are the color, and the widened tail base. im good at sexing chameleons, but senegals have always been my weakness lol

    if you have any questions on care requirements, let me know horselover509@yahoo.com

    Source(s): http://en.allexperts.com/q/Reptiles-704/2008/4/Sex... experienced chameleon keeper and breeder
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