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I burnt my finger on a hair straightener..?

I was straightening my hair, and for a fraction of a second, the tips of my middle and ring fingers touched the heat plates. It was at the 450 degree setting and was easily the worst pain I've ever felt. The pain wasn't instant, but became more and more severe after about 5 minutes. I put ice in a bag and held it there for at least an hour, since it was the only relief I could find. I then took the ice off and left it for about an hour. At first, the spasms of pain were awful. It felt as if my finger was still in contact with the heat, and I could feel my pulse in the tips of my fingers. Like I said, the pain came in spasms, and after about an hour, they had finally eased off, and I went to bed. I woke up today, and I no longer have any pain, but I lost feeling where the heat contact occurred, my skin is leathery-feeling, and it partially burned my fingerprints away. It's only slightly red though, not nearly what I was expecting it to look like. It also hasn't blistered.

I've been reading online, and can't decide if it's serious or not. Some sights say it's only a first degree burn, and others say it's a severe third degree burn. I'm just looking for some insight and how to care for it. Will I regain feeling? And will it blister eventually? I just want to know what to look out for.

Thanks in advance!

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    I burt myself twice with a curing iron.once on my shoulder and another time on my knee(dont ask ._.). Anyways the iron was on 450 or higher.this was the begging of the last school year so like since august of last year and i still have the burn marks.so your skin will be permitatly scarred.it will become red then puss will fill it(DONT pop it) then when it pops the skin with fall off.there will be stuff comming out of th new layer of skin that will harden.then that will fall off and you will b stuck with a scar.thats how my shoulder was.my knee not so bad it blistered,popped,and now i have a burn scarr there.so yeah

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    you will maximum probable have a blister yet you are able to sidestep one with the help of putting uncooked potato on the burn, it sounds strange in spite of the shown fact that it works. decrease up a uncooked potato, placed it on, and wrap with some gauze and 10 Min's you are able to take it off and your blisters shouldn't style

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