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Seriously, on the verge of suicide! What to do when no one cares?

I just don't know what to do anymore:

I'm 24, want to pursue nursing, but no money, don't qualify for aid, and it takes too long! I live with grandparent's their lazy @ss 45 year old son who mooches off the government and his 2 bastard children, who do nothing, but ***** and whine all day!

- I was looking at all this college stuff today and it's going to take me a least a year to do my general education credits & pre-req's then another 2 years in the actual program itself. So, right there is another 3 years that I don't have time to waste.

I cannot see myself living here another 3-4 years with these people. I'm going crazy living here. What kind of life is this:

-No one in the family ever talks to one another

-No friends who care about you

-All you do is work and come back and sit in this room all day

-My credit is too messed up to get an apartment

-Not enough income to afford an apartment, etc

-Never anything to look forward to

My situation inevitably seems hopeless. I see no point in moving forward. If I don't move out on my own soon, I'm going to lose my sanity really fast.

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    The best advice I can give you to solve all your problems is to join a branch of the military. You will be able to move and have a place to stay for free. You will have a good paying job, no bill, insurance, and they will pay for your college. Most of all you will be able to move away from all those people who are holding you back. The only person who can help you is you. All you have to do is be a man and take some action. You are the only one who can make that first step. You should talk to a recruiter though. If its the basic training that worries you then try like the coast guard or something, but the military is the only way it seems to accomplish everything you want to do all at the same time, and you will be able to serve your country which is very honorable. Good luck to you in whatever you decide.

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    Ok, look at the bright side first, you have a place to stay, you have food to eat, and it seems that you have a job. They may not be the greatest conversationalists or friends, but they still are your family, and you need to be grateful, your grandparents are helping you out and your uncle (?).

    If you are working what are you doing with the money you are making? Who messed up your credit and how? You should be saving some so you can pay for a place of your own and pay for school. Maybe you can find a roommate or two and share a place, or rent a room, not an apartment.

    Don't think about the long term when you start your program, take it one day at a time. "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." It's important that you start. Three years might seem like a lot going forward, but looking back it goes fast, really.

    If you are working and going to school and studying you won't have much time to pay attention to what's going on in the house anyway. But with your attitude right now I'm concerned you'll make a good nurse. Nurses have to put up with all kinds of stuff, cranky patients, bosses, bossy doctors, they are the advocate for the patient. And even if you don't go into hospital nursing, you still need to deal with patients. If you can't deal with your own family how will you deal with patients' families or sick people that are cranky and whiny? Start practicing patience with your own family.

    I think Tabatha is right, the military would be a great option for you.

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    Life is long remember that. Perhaps a different situation would suit you better- get some money together get a small apartment/move in with friends, other family. Also as far as becoming a nurse that is a great goal and the long wait is worth the fiancial security in the long run. Death ain't the answerand just think of the person who needs to come and walk in to you hanging, how hurt, scared, shocked they'd be. Think about the people who need to cut your dead body from the ceiling and put you into a body bag. If you do have some sanity left I think you'd agree that you don't deserve to die and people don't deserve to have to experience that.

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    Please dont kill your self, you have a long live ahead of you. I understand your goin through rough patch, everybody does, but dont lose hope. Theres always a reason for the things that happen to us, whether they are good or bad. But there are community colleges that help you get the education you need. Whether you are in nursing or any other major, you cant get degree fast, it does take years but if you work hard, nothing is unstoppable. I suggest you look around community collegs around where you live and talk to anyone or the advisor, im sure they will be able to give you something. or talk to someone at your workplace, whom you feel comfortable talking to, and tell them your situation. and see if they can help you out. Sometimes its the strangers that can help you out the most than your family members. I hope this helps!!! and dont lose hope.

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    Hey similar sisuation. Check out my question. I am in same boat and trying to ward off that mind set. I won't be like most and say it's going to get better or "workout" because I don't know that it will for you. I can only tell you what am actually doing. I have the will to power meaning fighting like hell to get what I want dispite feeling as if though I should just kill myself because of lack of options. I left a abusive partner now staying with childhood abuser. No money friends family. College sounds great but not convient in my current sisuation. I need to figure out what to do but feel stuck


    Maybe I should kill myself too. I might but don't know yet.

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  • 8 years ago

    Let me tell you something sweetie life is what you make it! You get in what you put in, if i was you I would try to do public housing , apply for welfare , ssi, and food stamps to help you get off to a right start by yourself. And your not going to lose your sanity if you put god first and F*** the rest.

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