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Kathmandu or Panama City?

Where is it better to live and why?

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    Hey back at you!

    I've never been to Panama City, but I've been to Kathmandu five or six times. My first reaction when I got there was, Wow! I could live here! But it is not for everyone. Kathmandu is, of course, in a third world country. If you are a westerner, much of what you are used to having access to is not available in terms of products. In addition, the electricity goes off pretty much daily and stays off for hours at a time. If you don't have a generator, well, it just means you use candles and don't use a computer during that period of time. Personally, I found it very easy to get used to.

    The people of Nepal tend to be friendly or, at the very least, not intrusive. There is plenty of public transportation. All in all, the cost of living is very low. Entertainment-wise you would not find some of what westerners are used to, but there is internet access pretty much everywhere but in the smallest towns.

    Without knowing Panama City at all, it is hard for me to answer your questions. But I do think Kathmandu is great if what I have written doesn't turn you off.

    Good luck!

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