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paint black rims color code?

i went to the body shop and said that i wanted to paint my rims black..he agreed to do it for about 60$ (discount cuz he knows my father).. then he said do you have the color code with you. i said i just want them black with some gloss....i was searching the net but no one giving any concrete idea....whats the best black BLACK....color code needed.! thanks to all

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    He doesn't need a color code -- he has plain 'ol black in there to mix with other colors to create a custom color. All he has to do is use just the black. However, if you want a code, then go to a local NAPA automotive paint store and look at their color charts. You can also order a paint chip chart for free online at

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    Plain black paint in gloss or matt so if you can find some Hammerite that'll do nicely, recently done mine matt.

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